Starfield Infinite Money Glitch: How to get infinite Credits

It wouldn't be a Bethesda game without a few exploits.

Starfield money glitch cover

There’s a money glitch in Starfield that players are using to get infinite funds. Imagine everything you could buy if you had infinite credits. This is a Bethesda game, and it just wouldn’t be the same without a few exploits you can take advantage of. Here’s how to use the Starfield infinite money glitch.

How to Use the Starfield Infinite Money Glitch

There is a chest in New Atlantis that you can loot for 72,000 credits and replenishes after 48 in-game hours have passed. You can keep coming back to loot the chest of its contents as many times as you want to quickly get rich. The best part is that it’s completely legal, so NPCs won’t attack you for looting this chest.

The hard part is that this chest is located directly out-of-bounds below the map. You can access it by exploiting a glitch that allows you to go below the surface. For some reason, vendors have their inventory rendered in the game via a chest underneath them.

Before attempting to use the Starfield infinite money glitch exploit, you first should have at least Rank 2 in Booster Pack Training and as many Med Packs as you’re able to get. The reason for this is because you’ll be using your boost pack a lot for this glitch, and you’ll have to go through some damage.

What you need to do is fast travel to New Atlantis. Pick the Commercial District to spawn in. Once you’ve spawned in, go right to where the waterfall is. Look down, and you’ll notice that there are two sets of waterfalls. At the bottom, right across the two, there is another waterfall hidden a bit beyond your sight that you need to go to.

Starfield Money Glitch Part 1

Use your boost pack to travel across the two waterfalls and land on the other side. From there, keep going until you get to the back area, where you’ll spot the third waterfall with white structures.

Starfield Money Glitch Part 2

Carefully use your boost pack to travel above the white structures until you’re at the last one. You’ll have to jump down at the very edge until you reach the one in the picture below.

Starfield Money Glitch Part 3

At the end of that edge, where the white structure is, move forward between the white wall and the rocky edge until you’re squeezing through the gap. There is a small hole you can go through by moving forward and jumping.

When you’ve reached the other side, you’ll want to quickly save your progress in case anything goes wrong. Look left and descend down to where the water is. Then turn right and keep forward until you reach the wall, and then jump. You’ll start to swim despite not being in the water. Float above until you reach the white pillar to your left.

Starfield Money Glitch Part 4

From here, you’ll have to swim across the waterfall. However, you will eventually lose oxygen and will need to use Medpacks to survive the journey. It’d be better if you had them in your quick inventory.

You’ll need to swim fast to the other side because at this point, you’ll constantly ascend. You may float too high to get to the small hole on the other side. You aren’t able to float back down. If you hit the top before reaching the other side, you’ll have to reload your quick save. Once you’re across, look left, and you’ll notice an opening you can boost to.

Starfield Money Glitch Part 5

Jump down to the very bottom underneath the white structure until you hit the rocky bottom. Look to your right and look above. Hug the wall and start jumping while sprinting forward. There’s no need to use your boost pack here, as you’ll automatically climb the wall.

Starfield Money Glitch Part 6

Once you’re high enough, go left and slip past the opening between the white structure and the wall to land in another area. You’ll find yourself near the Terrabrew Vendor, and you’ll notice that there’s a chest underneath the store. Open it, and you can loot the items inside. It should also have some credits.

Make your way around until you reach the Jemison Mercantile Vendor. However, you should be hidden for this one because the items you take from this chest will be marked as stolen, even though the other two chests you find here won’t be. There won’t be any problems so long as you’re hidden, as the huge wall blocking the chest prevents anyone from seeing you take them.

After looting the Terrabrew Vendor and Jemison Mercantile Vendor chests, go back to the landing zone where you found the Ship Services Vendor. His chest is directly below him, and you can loot it for 72,000 credits. It won’t always be the same amount of credits, but at least close to that amount. This will refill after some time as the vendor stores the credits you pay him for ship upgrades in this chest.

Starfield infinite money glitch

When you’ve looted the Ship Services Vendor’s chest, hop back to the landing pad and then look for a place to rest for 48 in-game hours. You can quickly do this if you have a bunk in your ship. Speak with the Ship Services Vendor to reset his inventory, which in this case is just the credits on his chest. Then repeat the Starfield infinite money glitch to continue getting as many credits as you want.

If you want a quicker way, you can always use the console command if you’re on PC. However, this is unavailable to those on Xbox consoles, so if you are playing it on the Xbox Series X|S, you’ll have to use this glitch instead.

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