Steelrising Out Now on PC and Consoles

Liberty for alternate Paris!

September Game Releases 2022 - Steelrising

Spider and NACON have now announced that the video game Steelrising is out now in stores.

Steelrising Full Launch

The Souls-like game set in an alternate Paris has finally arrived on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S today. Players will finally have the chance to fight against the army of automatons that King Louis XVI has unleashed all over alternate Paris and save it from its tyranny.

Steelrising Details

A thrilling uchrony
In 1789, in an alternative Paris, the French Revolution is at a standstill: the people’s revolt is severely repressed by an army of automatons, deployed by order of the King. Powerful and cruel, this army spares no one and violently punishes the rebels. Paris is set on fire: men, women and children are systematically massacred.
Aegis, the engineer Vaucanson’s masterpiece automaton and the Queen’s bodyguard, must save the French Revolution in this demanding action-RPG with a strong emphasis on combat.

Aegis: a fearsome warrior
Aegis, once an automaton dedicated to dancing for the pleasure of the Court, is now a warrior, Marie Antoinette’s bodyguard. Commissioned by Marie Antoinette, Aegis must fight her way through a Paris where machines sow terror.

Epic battles
Faced with the king’s mechanical soldiers, you must be extremely precise. Players must dodge, parry, leap and attack to make their way through Paris. Each confrontation puts nerves to the test and requires exceptional rigor, while all the bosses, gigantic implacable machines, require patience and skill.

Each player has their own style of play
The game allows players to define their own style and improve over time. Players can choose to play as a ruthless warrior, a tough bodyguard, a deadly dancer or a virtuoso of the elemental arts. Steelrising offers players a multitude of play styles through a deep RPG system and over forty weapons with different characteristics.

A wide variety of weapons and tools
Carriage, grappling hook, secret passages, detailed map to explore… Steelrising offers to rediscover an 18th century Paris plunged into darkness thanks to different means and tools at its disposal. The verticality of Paris and in-game exploration take on their full meaning once the grappling hook is unlocked. Combined with the dash, it gives access to all the secrets of the city, through eight levels that must be explored and re-explored.

Spiders revisits Paris
Inspired by numerous historical sources, Spiders studio has reproduced some of the emblematic monuments of the Parisian capital such as the Louvre, the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral or the Invalides, but also several monuments that have now disappeared such as the Grand Chatelet, the Pont au Change or the famous Bastille. An artist’s vision of Paris, immersed in a gothic night where everyone can discover or rediscover the monuments of the French capital between two fierce battles.

A game for everyone
In order to be entertaining for all players, from the most experienced to the most casual, Steelrising offers an Assist Mode, a tool created to give players control over several parameters and allow them to defeat a frustrating enemy. By activating it, players will not have access to certain achievements related to the game’s difficulty without changing the story. This mode is available to everyone at any time during the game and can be turned on and off at will.


Steelrising is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S as well as on GeForce Now.

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