Steve Fox Shines Like a Champ in New Tekken 8 Trailer

These Are The Fists of A Champion

Steve Fox Tekken 8 Trailer Featured Image

Another new Tekken 8 character trailer was recently released by Bandai Namco and it features one of the boxing champions of the world, Steve Fox. Using his strength, agility, and knowledge in boxing, he is ready for players around to world to see his new fighting style in the upcoming new Fist of the Iron Tournament 8.

Tekken 8 Steve Fox Gameplay Trailer

Steve is a middleweight boxing world champion whose ingenious technique and pace control in the ring have charmed countless audiences. Raised in a facility owned by the Mishima Zaibatsu, he went on a search for his real parents the moment he learned he was just a test subject.

In the previous tournament, he encounters Nina Williams and learns that he was made from her genetic material. Although they are mother and son by blood, Nina has never acknowledged Steve as her own. To him, knowing his roots was everything. Nina, on the other hand, believed such knowledge to be a mere inconvenience.

After learning the shocking truth, he becomes a husk of his former self with no motivation or purpose at all. Luckily, his friends, Paul Phoenix and Marshal Law came by and gave him a chance to step up to the world by teaming up with them and making money. Sadly, he turns them down and remembers that his fists hold the power to carve out a new future for him. Although grateful to his friends, he turns down their offer to train in the mountains like fighters of old and instead begins his own search for a brand-new fighting style.

Tekken 8 will come out on January 26, 2024, for the PlayStation 5, PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X, and Series S. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and follow their official social media channels as weekly trailers will be uploaded.

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