Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Nami Romance Guide

A complete guide to romancing Nami, including her Heart events and Favorite gifts

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Nami Romance Guide featured

Mysterious and cool girls like Nami can be seriously attractive, and the good news is that you can romance her in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Despite being a bit aloof, she’s well liked by the denizens of Forgotten Valley, but she’s one of the bachelorettes that can be hard to romance. This is mostly due to her constantly wandering around and having Heart Events that aren’t so easy to trigger.

Read on as we show you how to romance Nami, how to trigger her Heart Events, and the best gifts to give her.

How to Romance Nami

You can romance Nami by raising her Heart level, which can be done by constantly giving her gifts she likes and picking the right responses during her missable Heart Events. Once you get her Heart Level high enough, Nami will agree to your marriage proposal, which sets you on the path to raising a kid with her.

You don’t need to see all five of Nami’s Heart Events before you can marry her, but you’ll need at least 8 Hearts before she’ll agree to marry you. At the end of Chapter 1, you’ll receive a Blue Feather, which you can use to propose to Nami. The higher the Heart Level, the more chances there are that she’ll accept your marriage proposal. You can be sure that Nami will say yes to your proposal if you have all 10 Hearts with her.

To keep track of how much Nami likes you, you can open the Resident Info menu or check her diary, which will show how many Heart Levels she currently has with you. You’ll only have until the end of Chapter 1 to romance Nami before you’re forced by the game to marry someone. If your Heart Level isn’t high enough by the end of Year 1, you can’t marry Nami.

Nami Schedule

Nami wakes up in her room at the Lei-Over Inn at 9 AM and will stay there for an hour and a half. At 10:20 AM she’ll wander around the Inn’s backyard until 12 PM, when she’ll go to Daryl’s Lab.

At 2 PM, Nami will go to the Turtle Pond to loiter around. You can talk to her here until 4 PM, when she’ll go to the Beach. Nami will stay on the Beach for a good while until 10 PM in the evening, when she’ll be behind the inn, standing under the trees.

Nami won’t return to her bedroom at the Lei-Over Inn until 12:30 AM. She’ll stay awake until 2:30 AM.

Nami Heart Events

You have until Day 10 of Winter to see all of Nami’s Heart Events. These optional events can be triggered under the right conditions, which will help you get closer to Nami.

Here are Nami’s Heart Events from what time they’ll start to where they trigger:

Heart Event 1

  • Time: 2 PM
  • Location: Outside farmhouse
  • Requirements: 2 Heart Levels

When you leave your house, you’ll see Nami wandering around the farm. Tell her that she can enjoy the farm to get closer to her. Whatever you do, don’t tell her to leave else she’ll take it personally.

Heart Event 2

  • Time: 7 PM
  • Location: Bluebird Café
  • Requirements: 4 Heart Levels

Once you enter the café, Nami will ask what you want to order. Choose the respond with “Why don’t we talk for a bit?” which will raise her affection with you. You can pick the “Is this seat taken?” option which will cause a deeper discussion where you can ask her about why she came to Forgotten Valley. Pick to respond with nodding at her which raises her affection with you. Then pick “I didn’t do it for the money” when Nami asks if you’re making a profit with your farm. When Nami leaves, Molly will inform you that she didn’t pay which you can cover for her but will lose 256g.

Heart Event 3

  • Time: Between 8 AM to 10 AM
  • Location: In your farmhouse during clear whether
  • Requirements: 6 Heart Levels

When you enter your farmhouse, you’ll get a knock on your door from Lou and Tei who are looking for Nami. Pick the “I’ll look for her, too” option and you’ll all look for her. This ends with you meeting at the Lei-Over Inn and a hungry Nami showing up without a care in the world.

Heart Event 4

  • Time: 2 PM
  • Location: Lei-Over Inn
  • Requirements: 8 Heart Levels

Once you enter Lei-Over Inn, Nami can be seen talking to the Tei who tells her about the call from her dad last night. Tei tells Nami that her dad disconnected the call shortly after asking if his daughter was there. Nami isn’t bothered by this and asks if there’s something over the counter for her and Tei hands her a letter which Nami reads then wonders if she needs to find a job. Once Nami asks you if you’re looking for someone to work at your farm, tell her yes.

Heart Event 5

  • Time: Between 4 PM to 8 AM
  • Location: Lei-Over Inn
  • Requirements: 9 Heart Levels

Enter Lei-Over Inn and tell Tei that you’re there to meet Nami who shortly comes down from upstairs and says she needs to go outside. After finding her at the beach Nami will tell you that she’ll have to leave soon as she’s running out of money to stay at Lei-Over Inn and nobody in Forgotten Valley will hire her for work. Offer Nami to move in with you.

Nami Best Gifts

Here are the best gifts to give Nami:

  • Clay Figurines
  • Leaf Fossils
  • High Quality Crops
  • Milk Soup
  • Trick Blue Flowers

As one of the Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life romance options, you can give Nami gifts to earn her affection. When it comes to gifts, Nami is particularly picky about what she likes. She’ll only accept Trick Blue flowers, for example, and won’t react positively to other flowers you bring her. Clay Figurines and Leaf Fossils you get from the Dig Site will be something she likes too.

Milk Soup is a good way to get into her good graces. It’s easy to make, and you’ll only need Milk to make it. The Milk Soup recipe can be received at Gordy’s request on the very first day you arrive in Forgotten Valley.

Nami Romance

While you can give as many gifts to Nami as you’d like in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, you can only give one type of the same gift to her per day. So if you want to give her two Milk Soups, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to give her the other one. While Nami can be hard to please, with the right gifts, you can woo this introverted bachelorette into becoming your wife.