All 3 Racine Riddler Puzzle Locations & Solutions – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

A complete guide on how to find and solve all of Riddler's Riddles in the Racine District of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

All 3 Racine Riddler Puzzle Locations & Solutions – Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

The Racine district is the squad’s infiltration point into Metropolis, specifically underneath the Hall of Justice. Comparatively, this area is lightly patrolled by the enemy, making it the right place to get your feet wet. This location also makes for a nice starting point for your intellectual battle with the Riddler.

In this guide, I’ll tell where you can find the solution for all three Riddler puzzles in the Racine district. This involves the items you need to focus your camera on and possibly optimal places to take the picture.

The list above shows the objects you need to scan to answer Riddler’s riddle for the district. The map above shows the location of each solution and their associated number on the list. If you need specific details on how to get the right scan, use the links to jump to the part of the article and a breakdown of that clue.

How to Solve the Suicide Squad Racine Riddles

During your time in the Racine district, Riddler will play recorded messages that are clues to certain locations on the map. Your task is to seek out the possible answer and scan it by pressing Up on the D-pad.

Clue #1: A venue fit for ancient Greece, watch thrilling tales of war and peace

The first riddle points to the amphitheater a stone’s throw North of the Hall of Justice. That’s the first part of the riddle. The second part of the riddle refers to the shield on the main stage. If you look closely, it is similar to the one Wonder Woman wields in the game.

To answer the riddle, scan the shield on the wall from a relatively short distance. Most likely from the stage itself.

Clue #2: Within: League statues, silver smirks. Without: these golden waterworks

The first part of the riddle refers to the Justice League members’ statues inside the Hall of Justice. The second part, and the answer to the riddle, is the gold fountain at the front.

The best place to get this one is to position yourself on the high ground. The raised area by the front door or the decorative statues work as well. You can get the scan from the lower section but the scans sometimes require you to get the whole object in frame.

Clue #3: With claws beneath and sea ahead, a cold box for Gotham’s swimming dead

The third and final object takes you to the docks at the Northern tip of the district. The first part of the riddle refers to the claws that move shipping containers around with the sea just beyond the dock. The second part refers to a shipping container from one of Penguin’s operations in Gotham City, North Refrigeration.

The item you are looking for is a blue shipping container at the Southwest corner of the docks. The container is sitting on top of a stack of containers. If you see the Golden Lobster shipping container then you’re in the right spot.

And that’s everything I have for this Racine Riddles Guide in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This is only the beginning, Riddler demands that we play his game and beat all 100 of his challenges. There will be more things to find and rings to jump through before this is all over.