Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Gets Delayed to 2024

Sorry fans, you will have to wait a long while for this game to release.

Rocksteady Studios has officially confirmed that Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is getting delayed to next year.

Just a few minutes ago, the official Twitter account of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League posted the announcement of delaying the game to February 2, 2024. According to the post, Rocksteady Studios made the tough but necessary decision to delay the game for a year. Like any other studio delaying a game, the developers said that they will use this time to get it to be the best quality experience for players.

After its controversial decision to add live service features in the game, Rocksteady Studios will be returning to square one again to possibly remove those. The backlash was quite hard and would have affected sales greatly, so this was a good decision. It was hard to make, but a necessary one in order to remove this quite hated mechanic. To make things clear, the announcement did not mention removing the live service mechanic, but if they were to make it appealing to fans, this would have been the feature to remove.

The delay has been rumored quite greatly a month ago and this time it is now official from Rocksteady Studios. This announcement might sadden some fans, but it would only be a temporary one to fix many “problems” the game has.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League will now launch on February 2, 2024 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.