Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Rumored Delayed to Next Year

Uh oh, fans might have to wait a while.

A new report suggests Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League might get delayed to 2023.

According to Bloomberg, Warner Bros. Interactive has silently delayed to next year instead of this year. For sources, he says the news came from people who were familiar with the ongoing development of the game right now. While it was Jason Schreier who shared this report, no official confirmation from Warner Bros. Interactive or Rocksteady have confirmed the delay.

The game’s delay would not be a surprise to everyone at all though since when it got first announced, Rocksteady scheduled it for 2022, but that was in 2020. With the global pandemic going on, it could be possible that this new rumor of delay would come true.

There was no specific release date announced for the game as well so it would be possible it was going to be planned for release in December 2022, but with this delay, it would be released a month or two later. The delay would not be long then.

Schreier did not specific the reason for the delay, but there could be a number of reasons and that could include the global pandemic. Many other games have gotten their release date pushed further, so it would not be surprising if Rocksteady will release a statement and have the pandemic blamed for the delay.

Again, take this new report with a grain of salt first as Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive have not made any official statements.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is still in development. It will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.