Summer Game Fest Official Website Goes Live With Schedule Available

Summer Game Fest

The official website of the festival Summer Game Fest is already live featuring the initial schedule of events coming.

Summer Game Fest website live

The festival will be four months long and the official schedule is now live for visitors of the website to see. It spans from this month, May, until August. Under the May column, Inside Xbox and Sunrise #1 are scheduled for release. The prior will be happening on May 7 8AM PT, while the latter on May 12 9AM PT. Also Sunrise #1 will reveal a surprise game for everyone.

This calendar schedule is just the initial events coming, but there should be more after other companies announce their own events. They might be added in this calendar as well.

For next month, there are currently three awesome events to watch out for. First is the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition on June 9, then on June 11 both Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Wire and EA Play events are happening. Steam Game Festival will end on June 14. No word yet on what time Night City Wire will start, while EA Play will happen at 4PM PT.

Check out the whole calendar here.