Geoff Keighley Reveals Planning for Summer Game Fest Takes More or Less Half a Year

Plans and organization takes a long time according to the host.

Host Geoff Keighley recently discussed the nature of the events that he would host like Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards like the planning, the adverts, and more.

Summer Game Fest Planning Takes Time

Keighley recently spoke with media outlet The Loadout in an interview to talk about how these awesome events would be created. In particular, he revealed how much time was needed to plan one of these events yearly. It seems to be quite long despite the length of such events.

According to Keighley, he is quite busy. Yearly, he would organize, plan, and implement these events. He would even joke with people who would ask him in October about The Game Awards and what he was doing about it.

“These things are kind of year round experiences,” he revealed “I always joke that someone will come up to me in October and say, ‘Hey, when are you gonna get started on The Game Awards?’ And I’m like, ‘No, we’ve been working on it for the past year.’”

Keighley confirmed that Summer Game Fest is a five or six months process. He even revealed that the work on the upcoming The Game Awards have already started. He was indeed, very busy.

A Lot to Organize for Events

Some might think two events a year is not that much, but reality a lot is riding on them. He revealed that the second half of his year is working on The Game Awards. Even though it is usually a two-hour live show, there are a lot of things to coordinate. He would have to contact talents, check on the physical event, the orchestra, and more.

Keighley also feels pressure on creating of a perfect show every year. He would feel obligated to a lot of the game developers because they trust him with their big announcements. “If you’re gonna spend two or three years working on a game and then decide we’re going to work with Keighley to announce it at this show, you want it to be perfect for them.”

Summer Game Fest 2022 Featured Image

The host and his team would try hard to present the announcements perfectly so they would avoid making mistakes during the shows. There were cases that some errors have happened like a trailer that they cut off a trailer too early, or there was a problem with it and as a result they felt devastated they have betrayed the game developer’s trust.

No Secret Game News Every Event

Elden Ring was a big announcement for them last Summer Game Fest, but Keighley wants it to be realistic. He joked that he does not have a secret game announcement every time. “You just have to hope that the game companies have good stuff.”

Summer Game Fest 2022 is happening on June 9, 2022.