Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Talking Flowers Can Be Muted

Make them shut up but you can't completely ignore them.

Nintendo has recently shared a statement to confirm an option for Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s talking flowers if players’ are bothered by them.

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, players will encounter these chatty Talking Flowers which share jokes and hints that can help them in their journey. They are quite chatty and can become annoying if what they say is repetitive. Well, there’s good news for players who want to shut them up.

Last week, fans spotted a note on the official Japanese website Nintendo that said that players could choose between different options for the flowers’ voice and speech bubbles. This gives players a higher chance to completely ignore them when they are adventuring.

Nintendo has now confirmed via Eurogamer that there indeed options to choose from to modify the flowers’ voices:

  • Voice On / Text On
  • Voice On / Text Off
  • Voice Off / Text On

Players will not be able to remove both voice and text, but they can turn off either one of them.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches on October 30, 2023 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.