Super Robot Wars 30 DLC#2 Update and More

More news about SRW 30 DLC#2

Recently, a new livestream event featuring Super Robot Wars 30 was shown in the Bandai Namco Youtube Channel. In the stream, a free DLC update was announced with new mecha and mission being added the game.

The mecha unit joining for Super Robot Wars 30 is Dido and his personal mecha unit, Didarion from the popular app game, Super Robot Wars DD.

Fans who played the DD series will be delighted to Didarion on the major consoles and learn more of his story as he contributes to help finish the game in SRW 30.

Another piece of info that was shown in Super Robot Wars 30 is the update content of DLC#2. In the DLC, it was confirmed that Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, Super Robot Wars OG, and Ultraman were joining in the game. However, a new bit of information was revealed as new unit from Iron Blooded Orphans are joining in. The units joining in are Gundam Flauros and Gundam Bael.

Aside from these units joining, new songs will be added to game related to the DLC#2 series that will come out. The songs are the following:

  • RAGE OF DUST  from  Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans 
  • Steel Lonely Wolf  from Super Robot Wars OG
  • Fallen Angel of Silver  from Super Robot Taisen OG 

Super Robot Wars 30 is out right now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch while its DLC#2 is set to be released this month December 2021. For more news about SRW 30, click herehereherehere and here.