Super Robot Wars 30 Leaked Images Feature Original Warship and Crew

new Characters and new gameplay mechanics leaked

In this week’s Famitsu scans (translated to English), Super Robot Wars 30 has released more leaked images regarding the game and one of which shows a battleship that will be used by chosen main character of the SRW 30 game known as Dreistreger.

Dreistreger is the original warship in SRW 30. She boasts a large hangar that can host multiple Super Robots. The ship will be captained by Mitsuba Greyvalley with her former instructor Reynold Hardin supervising as vice-captain. The officers will be supported by the chief operator Lian Anbird.

As the main character, you will travel around the world with the battleship to undertake various missions while recruiting characters from featured anime titles. This is where the Tactical Area Selection system comes to play. The Intermission menu, where the player can upgrade mechs, improve pilot stats, learn new skills and save the game, has also been integrated in this part.

Most of the missions are accessible from the Mission List and each mission is assigned a difficulty rank ranging from C, B, A, to S. As you recruit more characters and further upgrade mechs, you can increase your Total Strength to match up with the estimated enemy strength level in a given mission. There are as well “Onboard Missions” that mostly consist of simple conversation but may also reward some items.

The MxP (Mission Experience Points) will be used to update facilities inside the Dreistraeger, which will be explained in the near future. However, the Mission List does not contain all available missions, as some of them have to be accessed directly from the World Map. Exclamation marks will trigger Patrol Missions where you can obtain EXP points, among others. A fairy icon will mark a limited exclusive event that appears whenever a DBD (Dimension Border Distortion) occurs. You can also try to find hidden spots on the World Map that will trigger special missions rewarding powerful parts.

Super Robot Wars 30 is set to be released on October 28, 2021 for the PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can find out on Bandai Namco’s official SEA Youtube Channel. And across all their social media. For more interesting reads on returning series and debut series, stay tuned to Sirus Gaming for more news on Super Robot Wars 30.