System Shock Remake: All Enemies

Discover the formidable enemies in the System Shock Remake! Brace yourself for tougher challenges in 2023 as you confront SHODAN's minions.

System Shock Remake All Enemies featured

The System Shock 2023 remake reintroduces familiar foes from the original that are now tougher and will definitely challenge you even in normal difficulties. There’s no shortage of slaves controlled by SHODAN attempting to forcefully integrate you into its system. Here are the System Shock Remake enemies you should watch out for.

All Enemies in System Shock Remake

  1. Cyberspace Enemies
    • Cortex Reaver
    • Cyber-Bully
    • Cyber Dog
    • Cyber Guard
    • Cyber Stalker
    • Cyber Stinger
    • Security Mine
  2. Cyborgs
    • Cyborg Assassin
    • Cyborg Drone
    • Cyborg Elite Guard
    • Cyborg Enforcer
    • Cyborg Warrior
    • Diego Cyborg CY-001
    • Mantis Assassin
    • Mutant Cyborg
  3. Mutants
    • Avian Mutant
    • Gorilla-Tiger
    • Humanoid Mutant
    • Inviso-Mutant
    • Plant Mutant
    • Virus Mutant
    • Zero-Grav Mutant
  4. Robots
    • Auto-Bomb
    • Cortex Reaver
    • Exec-Bot
    • Hopper
    • Maintenance Bot
    • Mobile Laser Hopper
    • Repair Bot
    • Security 1 Bot
    • Serv Bot
    • Shock Bot
    • Shock Drone

Cyberspace Enemies

Cyberspace Enemies - System Shock Remake

Cortex Reaver

The Cyberspace half of Cortex Reaver is a relentless enemy that will fire projectiles at you. This will be the second time you encounter this foe but not in the Citadel Station.


The Cyber-Bully may be slow to fire as it has to charge up after every shot but it has more damage to compensate. Use the opening it gives every shot to put it down for good.

Cyber Dog

The Cyber Dog will chase you around and fire projectiles at you through its mouth. Its easily dispatched however.

Cyber Guard

The Cyber Guard will fire projectiles at you and can take more punishment than its Cyber Dog counterpart.

Cyber Stalker

A sneaky little enemy, the Cyber Stalker can blend into the surroundings by changing colors making it hard to spot. It will fire at you with projectiles and catch you off guard.

Cyber Stinger

This boomerang shaped Cyberspace enemy is the Cyber Stinger and can charge up its attacks by readying its tail.

Security Mine

The Security Mine will damage you if you fly to close to it. Keep your distance.

Cyborg Enemies

Cyborg Enemies - System Shock Remake

Cyborg Assassin

The Cyborg Assassin is the first enemy you’ll meet in the opening cutscene, taking you in from your apartment. They can attack you with their their rifle from a distance or throw shurikens up close. Their shurikens can actually be shot down midair so you avoid taking damage.

Cyborg Drone

You’ll see Cyborg Drones patrolling around as early as the Medical level. These foes fight from a distance and if you haven’t picked up a weapon shred away your health in the beginning. They’re easily dispatched once you finally pick up the minipistol and can’t chase you very far.

Cyborg Elite Guard

The only time you’ll encounter the Cyborg Elite Guard is when you’re near the end of the game on the Bridge. These are SHODAN’s personal bodyguards and the toughest enemies in the game. SHODAN’s Throne of God is full of them guarding the room so you’re in for a tough fight.

A few hits from the Cyborg Elite Guard will take you out. It’s wise to use grenades against them before engaging because of how widely outnumbered you are 10 to 1. Find a good spot by sneaking around first then take out as many as you can with grenades before pulling out powerful weapons.

Use EMP Grenades due to their ability to ignore armor and Concussive Grenades for their wide blast radius and high damage. The MM-76 Accelerator Rail Gun has extremely high damage and can hit multiple enemies up close which is going to be really useful in this room.

Cyborg Enforcer

One of the strongest of SHODAN’s guards roaming the Citadel Station, the Cyborg Enforcer is known for throwing EMP grenades which scrambles your vision. Despite that not doing damage, it leaves you vulnerable and they can shoot you down with projectiles that take you out in a few good hits. The Cyborg Enforcer can first be encountered in the Storage level but expect to see more of them in the Systems Engineering Level.

The Cyborg Enforcer can go down like any other cyborg enemies. But you’re better off using Laser Rapier if you manage to sneak up on them. At a distance opt for your Magnum 2100 Pistol to do some significant damage before they can throw that EMP grenade.

Cyborg Warrior

The Cyborg Warrior will throw grenades at you when you’re at a good distance which can be fatal even on full health. This is an enemy best fought up close, preferably with the Laser Rapier. You’ll first encounter Cyborg Warriors in the Medical level where they can prove to be a bit challenging at first though you should have adapted by the time you get to the Storage level.

Diego Cyborg CY-001

Second-in-command to SHODAN, Diego Cyborg CY-001 was formerly known as Edward Diego who willingly pledged himself to SHODAN in return for his new found powers. He has a unique ability to teleport around which makes him difficult to keep track of. Armed with two Laser Rapiers, you don’t want to fight him up close.

Diego Cyborg CY-001 can first be encountered in the Executive level where he’ll be a tough boss fight. You’ll encounter him again two more times, once on the Flight Deck and finally on the Security Level before finally getting to the Bridge.

While we don’t recommend fighting Diego up close, he can also do fatal damage at a range. Use grenades to your advantage and be sure to have some health items packed because this is a tough fight with no easy way out. Make sure you use your Shields to their fullest potential and other useful items like the Reflex Patch to dodge his shots.

Mantis Assassin

Hiding in the shadows, the Mantis Assassin waits for the opportunity to ambush you. What it lacks for ranged options, it makes up for deadly close quarters ability fighting exclusively using melee attacks. Those bladed hands will do some serious damage up close.

Mutant Cyborg

The Mutant Cyborg is a mutant with its lower half replaced with cybernetics and sharp red claws that fire beams at close ranges. The visor on its head will fire fast glowing projectiles which can be deflected if you can manage to shoot them. This enemy is best dealt with when you’re not in its attack range so keep your distance.

This enemy is pretty large making it easy for long-ranged weapons like the RF-07 Skorpion to make easy work out of. Be careful not to get too close otherwise you leave yourself open to its beam attacks.

Mutant Enemies

Mutant Enemies - System Shock Remake

Avian Mutant

The Avian Mutant is the result of a virus that turns the average lizard into a prehistoric flying lifeform. Flying around and fighting exclusively melee, the Avian Mutant can be hard to hit however they’re vulnerable to weak weapons like the minipistol which is good enough to take them down. You’ll encounter many of them during the Flight Deck on Level 5.


With the speed of a tiger and strength of a gorilla combined, the Gorilla-Tiger can rip you to shreds in a few powerful blows. They aren’t very commonly encountered but if you do see them prepare for a tough fight. You may encounter them during the Storage level and Executive level. Prepare your Magnum pistol if you want to fight.

Humanoid Mutant

Creepy and deformed, the Humanoid Mutant may be one of the weakest enemies but their large numbers means they can swarm you to do some serious damage. They can go down with two heavy swings of a Lead Pipe and their dodge are easy to attack so aim to isolate them from a group and back away when they swing at you.


What seems to be a small, translucent, and stingray-like creature is actually the Inviso-Mutant which hits hard with toxic projectile attacks. You’ll first encounter them in the Maintenance Level which is where they’re exclusive to. Taking one down is no easy task as this enemy is resilient to a lot of attacks whether melee or ranged. Get the Laser Rapier in the Maintenance Level quickly as they’re rather vulnerable to it or use the SparqBeam laser pistol to shoot them down.

Plant Mutant

An enemy that only appears in the Groves, the plant mutant is an abomination that can take a bit of shots before they go down. They aren’t too tough but they can spot you easily and then throw sharp seed pods at you which can be shot out midair. Be careful of its sharp limbs up close.

Virus Mutant

The Virus Mutant is a dangerous enemy that us vastly superior to the Humanoid Mutants. This thing can take punishment and won’t be so easily stunned. Virus Mutants can also deal a lot of damage and can even spit projectiles at a distance. The Dusk III Assault Rifle will be effective against them.

Zero-Grav Mutant

Zero-Grav Mutants like to hang around in groups and are mostly found in the Reactor level. These red disease looking blobs will fire projectiles at you from a good range. Since they like to stay close together, you can use the gas grenade to take out multiple targets at once.

Robot Enemies

Robot Enemies - System Shock Remake


A bizarre combination between a roomba and a bomb, the Autobomb will explode once you’re in close proximity hence its name. Triggering usually means an instant death unless you have anything else than a full health. They can first be encountered on the Reactor level which you’ll have to be on guard.

Autobombs are one enemies you don’t want to melee even if you’re saving up on ammo. Frag grenades are a good option to put them down quickly. Otherwise just use your minipistol with Teflon Rounds.

Cortex Reaver

The only enemy in the game that can be both in the real world and in cyberspace, the Cortex Reaver is a tough enemy and it’s what you would become should you ever reach a game over without activating any of the respawn points. This is a tough enemy that can take some punishment before they go down for good. You’ll first encounter a Cortex Reaver when you go past Flight Deck to rescue some resistance survivors.

The Cortex Reaver can be dealt with pretty easily using the Laser Rapier. Any other weapon can chip away its health but expect a tough fight.


Equipped with some pretty tough armor, Exec-Bots are hard to take down. They can do some pretty nasty damage from afar and will barely even feel your bullets. True to their name, you’ll find the at the Executive Level. The first time you encounter them will be particularly challenging as you don’t have any shields yet.

You’re going to want to take out Exec-Bots fast so use the Magnum Pistol with Heavy Slug Rounds. They’ll also go down fairly quickly to Mag-Pulse Rifles.


Sentry turrets that are placed on the ground or on the ceiling, Hoppers can damage you before you even see them. You’ll first encounter them in the Medical level where you’re fresh in the game but expect to see a lot of these in the Reactor. They aren’t particularly tough but they can damage your health if you’re left out in the open.

Maintenance Bot

An intimidating look foe, the Maintenance Bot is a large hunk of metal that’s designed to fix the Citadel Station and keep it running. You’ll mostly find these patrolling CPU Nodes. Due to not really being meant for combat, the Maintenance Bot can go down easy to most weapons like your minipistol with the teflon rounds or even low powered energy weapons.

Mobile Laser Hopper

The Mobile Laser Hoppers are pretty much just upgraded Hoppers that can move around now. Expect these to chase you around cover which makes them difficult to deal with. They’re much tougher to deal with than the ordinary Hopper, but you can at least hear them coming your way.

Repair Bot

The small scorpion like Repair Bot isn’t any bigger than your foot but can be annoying. They’re not really as dangerous as the other robot enemies and can be taken down pretty easily with your standard melee weapons. You’ll first run into them when you wake up in the Medical level but expect to find more during the Research Labs and Storage.

Security 1 Bot

As a robot that’s made to keep the Citadel Station safe, expect the Security 1 Bot to actually be made for combat. These are dangerous enemies that the main antagonist, SHODAN, uses as her muscle and they never get any less dangerous. They’ll even become tougher once you reach the Security level where they’ll become Security 2 Bots.

Serv Bot

The first enemy you’ll encounter in the game, Serv Bots aren’t really menacing and can only do melee attacks. They can still catch you off guard since you’re fresh out of cryo sleep with barely any weapons the first time around. A few heavy hits with your melee weapon should put them down easy.

Shock Bot

The large menacing Shock Bot has a massive gun on their right arm that can rip you to shreds. You’ll first encounter them on Level R but expect to meet a lot during Level 9 when you get to the Bridge. What’s even more annoying about the Shock Bot is that their head detaches into Shock Drones the moment you put one down.

Plasma Rifles and EMP Grenades are the most reliable in taking down Shock Bots. Use the RF-07 Skorpion or the Mag-Pulse Rifle as well if you want to take them down quickly. Just beware of their detachable heads after you take them down.

Shock Drone

The Shock Drone is what remains of a Shock Bot once you defeat them. These detached heads of a larger robot can be an absolute menace making encountering Shock Bots all the more terrifying. They fly around, fire energy beams at you up close, or throw gas grenades from afar.

You Magnum Pistol will be good for taking them down, provided you have good aim. You might also consider using Energy weapons which also deal significant damage to this flying enemy.

Those are all the enemies you’ll encounter in the System Shock 2023 remake.