System Shock Remake: How to solve Junction Box Puzzles

Junction boxes are one of the most fun puzzles in the System Shock Remake. However they're explained poorly. Let us show you how to solve each junction box puzzle you come across.

System Shock Remake How to solve Junction Box Puzzles featured

As a skilled hacker in the System Shock remake, learning how to rig the Junction Box puzzles so you can bypass the system is important. Unfortunately the game doesn’t really hold your hand on this one and you’ll be at a loss for what to do. Use this guide to learn how to solve Junction Box puzzles that are scattered around the Citadel Station in System Shock Remake.

How to Solve Junction Box Puzzles in System Shock Remake?

There are two types of junction box puzzles that you’ll encounter while exploring levels in System Shock. One can be solved by creating a path for the pipes to connect the two red blocks. The other requires that you input a specific amount of power by configuring switches to go down certain paths.

From the beginning of the game, System Shock asks for what puzzle difficult you prefer which changes how challenging these puzzles are to solve. Note also, that junction box puzzles are randomized from each playthrough regardless of difficulty. From our experience playing on Normal and Hard puzzle difficulties, the Junction Box puzzles had different solutions even on the same locations and on the same difficulty after a new game. So there’s no way to give you the step-by-step solution for solving these.

Pipe Junction Box Puzzles

Pipe Puzzle - Solve Junction Box Puzzles in System Shock Remake

Look for the two squares on the junction box that are glowing red. You need to connect these two together by moving the pipes in the board until they can form a path. While it sounds simple, there are complications in the junction box that prevent it from being straight forward.

Pipes with yellow backgrounds, for example, cannot be moved unless you interact with the blue switches in the junction box. However these blue switches also move other pipes in conjunction with it depending if its position is diagonal or straight. You’ll also run into other red squares that aren’t glowing, these don’t do anything and you have to move around them.

After connecting a path using the pipes with the two red squares, the junction box will close. This means you’ve completed the puzzle.

Power Junction Box Puzzles

Power Junction Box Puzzle - Solve Junction Box Puzzles in System Shock Remake

First, you’ll have to plug in the wires on the side of the junction box into the yellow holes. This will provide power to a specific line. There are multiple wires on a junction box and you don’t have to plug them all in to complete the puzzle depending on the power output requirements but you can do so. Use the picture above for reference.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Plug in the wires to the yellow sockets
  2. Use the red button to direct the power flow
  3. Press the switches to enable the power flow to continue

After plugging in the wires, you’ll notice that the lines are now flowing with power. Different wires have different amounts of power which will affect the overall power output depending on what wire you placed in which hole. However they’re connected by switches which you’ll have to press in order to continue the flow of power or stop it. Pay attention to which line lead where because your goal here is to lead it to the bars located on the side of the junction box puzzle.

There are also red buttons which redirect the flow of power. They’re similar to the switches which redirect the power flow depending on where they’re pointing. You’ll have to rearrange them properly to get the power to the bars located on the side.

Pay attention to the forked paths. You’ll notice that there’s white blockage that can lead to multiple paths. What this means is that it will spread the power to two different paths. If the white blockage has two inputs, you need to have power on both sides in order for power to flow forward.

You need to match the power out in-between the two blue glowing lines on the side of the power bars. As you connect the power flow into this bar, the bar gradually fills in yellow. Too little and you need to put in more. Too much and you need to lessen the power. The power output need to be just right to complex this junction box puzzle.

How to solve Junction Box Puzzles in System Shock Remake.