System Shock Remake Antenna Mission Level 7: Systems Engineering Walkthrough

This guide goes through the Systems Engineering Level of System Shock Remake and shares the locations of the collectibles and key items within the level.

System Shock Remake Systems Engineering Level 7 Antenna Mission cover

Systems Engineering is one of the levels that are part of the third Antenna Mission of System Shock Remake. After its plans of destroying humanity through its mutagenic virus gets foiled, SHODAN then enacts its plan of sabotaging humanity through their network infrastructure. Read ahead as we go through the Systems Engineering level of System Shock Remake and share the location of the key items and collectibles that can be found in the level.

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System Shock Remake Antenna Mission Level 7: Systems Engineering Walkthrough

The next level that you will be tackling on will the the Systems Engineering, however, it’s best to head back into the Maintenance and Storage levels first to pick up some gear and items that you will need to progress further.

Maintenance Revisited – Environmental Protection Pack V2

Before heading back into the Maintenance Level, make sure that you have visited and interacted with the system interlocks in each of the three groves in the Executive Level. Doing so will unlock the four maintenance wings in the Maintenance Levels.

Inside each of these maintenance wings are more cameras that you can destroy that can further lower down the level security. You will need to at least bring the level security down to 45% in order to open the Maintenance Office door in the southeast section. There are also some weapons to be found in these wings such as the MK-84 Accelerator gun in the Delta wing, and the JW-76 Mag Pulse in the Gamma wing.

If you haven’t obtained Abe Ghiran’s head yet, head to the location where the Relay Analyzer is at in the northwest area of the level and follow the path towards the west to Abe Ghiran’s office. Pick up the head from the ground and bring it to the office to use on the retinal scanner.

Inside the Maintenance Office is where you will get the Environmental Protection Pack V2 necessary to survive the contaminated areas without constantly needing to heal, plus the Audio Log – Unleashed, and Audio Log – Need CPUs.

Afterwards, hack inside the Cyberspace Terminal to open the door that leads to the CPU room. Destroy the three CPU Nodes and take note of the number on the screens for later.

Storage Revisited – Z-44 Plastique

Head back into the Storage Level where your objective is to get four charges of Z-44 Plastique. They can be found either inside Storage 9 in the southeast, although there’s only one charge, or head to Storage 1 in the northeast where there is more than enough.

Cyberspace Terminal – Gamma Quadrant

Now at the Systems Engineering Level, make your way to the east from the elevator, through the Central Hub, then take the Beta Quadrant door through the contaminated area.

Continue southwards and then take the room to the west where you will find the CPU Room. Destroy all the cores, then take the Administrator room to the northeast where you will find the Cyberspace Terminal. Hack the terminal and take out all the connections that will unlock the doors that lead to the Antennas.

You can also find the Audio Log – System Code within the room which will tell you about the numbers inside the core rooms in levels 1-6; if you have been taking note of them since the start, then you’re good to go, otherwise, you can still revisit the core rooms in each floor to see them.

Blowing up the Antennae

Once that is done, you will have to travel to each of the quadrants where there is a small room in each of the cardinal sides. Place a Z-44 Plastique Charge on each of them and back away as it explodes. Some of the rooms you are in will be locked down every explosion, but you can simply solve the junction boxes to disable the barriers.

Once you have destroyed all of the antennae, SHODAN will then contact you once more and is dead set on hunting you down. Rebecca will also contact you about the imminent destruction of the station as it will be deorbited by SHODAN to crash down into Earth. Your next mission is to hijack the plan, set the countdown for the reactor self-destruct sequence, and make your escape out of the station. She will also talk about the code that’s needed for the self-destruct sequence – the same one shown in Core Rooms.

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