Remnant 2: How to Get Tarnished Ring

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Secret rings are nothing new in the Remnant series but it’s not every day that you can stumble upon a secret item that’s been hiding in plain sight since the start of the game. We’re talking about the Tarnished Ring secret item.

The Tarnished ring is an item that can only be found in Ward 13. The funny thing is, most people wouldn’t know about this secret unless one has been keeping track of the movements of the residents in the makeshift town.

How to get the Tarnished Ring in Remnant 2?

The key to getting the Tarnished is this guy right here. (Pictured above.) He has been asleep seemingly for the entire time we have been jumping through worlds. We initially thought he was just a random NPC with nothing to offer us. We have since been corrected in that regard. We had no idea of the story he was about to tell us.

During one of our routine check-ups on the Thaen tree, we noticed our guy hanging out on the edge of the bridge overhanging the way to the garden. It really surprised us to see this guy out and about.

We talked to him for the first time. He was reluctant at first but he’s got a story to tell and we know it. We nudged him a little until he arrived on sharing his story with us.

It was a story of one of his trips into the city. It involved a mysterious woman and piles of headless rabbits. We advise listening to it yourselves. At the end of the story, our guy woke up from this fever dream of an encounter wearing the Tarnished Ring he saw on the mysterious woman.

He gives us the ring in hopes that one day we may encounter the woman for ourselves somewhere out there. It also helps that we’ve been very good listeners the whole time.

We don’t know where this ring will ultimately lead us. But chances are, if we wear it long enough something might happen. This is the Remnant series we’re talking about. There’s always something more to the story than it first seems.

As for how we triggered the event, we don’t quite know. We didn’t come back to town after killing a boss. We weren’t even that deep into our current Adventure. All we know is that he was there waiting for us.

Note: There is talk on Social Media about needing to take down all the alternate versions of world bosses. But we can confirm that we have yet to do all the alternate take-downs on the world bosses, and yet we managed to get a conversation with the sleeping guy.

At the very least, you should at least finish the main storyline and do your collecting thing in between the worlds. You’ll never know when he’ll decide to get his sorry butt out of bed and hang out on the bridge.

In any case, you’re in for an interesting time if you decide to listen to his tale.

Tarnished Ring Details

The Tarnished Ring increases the damage of Unarmed Attacks by 30%. It’s an interesting buff for the dozen or so players that decide to walk around and bare-knuckle challenge the creatures of different dimensions. In all honestly, that’s not going to move the needle for us. But there’s going to be someone crazy enough to make an entire build with this ring as the centerpiece. We almost guarantee it at this point. And for them, this guide is for you.

As for the rest of us, the knowledge of getting this rare ring is enough for us. And our ever-expanding collection of trinkets.

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