Tekken 7 Mod Makes FF7 Character Tifa Playable

Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa

A modder has introduced an interesting new mod that would allow players in action fighting game Tekken 7 control a certain Final Fantasy 7 character.

Modder Wolfe recently uploaded a new mod on the Tekken Mods website that made Tifa Lockhart playable, sort of. Actually, she replaces Josie Rizal in the roster. The reason for him to replace her with Tifa was because their movesets are almost the same so it would be an almost perfect fit.

Currently, there are bugs in the mod like buggy hair, clothing, and a few visuals issues. It is not game breaking at least, but there are some annoyances.

Aside from the character itself replacing Josie, she also comes with some costumes. She has Classic, Advent Children, Mature Dress, Sporty Dress, and Cowgirl costumes. The modder has also revealed he is working on a new one.

There is a note that states that installing the mod will offer a Tifa voice pack, an announcer pack, and HUD replacements. The voice pack is still in the works.

Tekken 7 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The mods should work on PC.

Source: Tekken Mods via VG247