Terraria Google Stadia Version Gets Cancelled

After an issue with the game developer’s account on Google, Andrew Spinks has announced that the Google Stadia version of Terraria has been cancelled.

Spinks is the game’s designer and programmer and has decided to officially cancel the Google Stadia version of the game after having issues with his Google account. He went to his official Twitter account to share to everyone what happened.

It was revealed that Spinks’ account was disabled over three weeks and he confirmed that he has not done anything to make this happen. His Google Drive data is completely gone, he could not gain access to his YouTube channel, he has lost thousands of dollars of apps on Google Play, and more. Due to this, his company will no longer support any of Google’s platforms moving forward.

Google has not yet made a statement in regards to this.

Terraria is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android.