Tetsuya Nomura Didn’t Struggle Directing both Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3

As the D23 Expo concluded a few days ago, Tetsuya Nomura held a round-table interview along with major publications to answer the questions about Kingdom Hearts 3‘s development and the reason for its long production.

Tetsuya is known for his work especially with the Kingdom Hearts franchise and Final Fantasy 7. Now, with the director splitting hit focus to make sure both of the titles launches smoothly, he was asked by the publications if he had any struggles going back and forth for both FF7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3.

“Being so busy managing both projects is the biggest challenge. I don’t really feel any hurdles or difficulty due to the fact that the two titles are so different. The differences between them actually work to my advantage. If both titles were too similar, they might start to look the same. With the two being so different, if there was one thing that I could not do in one title. I might be able to do it in the other. This actually works out well for me in that way.”

He even added an example of what recently happened splitting his time for the preparation of D23 for Kingdom Hearts 3 and a meeting for Final Fantasy 7:

“As an example of how busy it is, when we were making preparations to come to D23 for Kingdom Hearts III, in the middle of the rush of getting ready, we had to schedule a mandatory meeting for Final Fantasy VII. Juggling that is the biggest challenge, but it comes with the territory and it’s to be expected.”

A big name and passionate director like Tetsuya Nomura shows how he can surely get everything done swiftly without problems.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to launch in 2018, while Final Fantasy 7: Remake‘s launch year or date is nowhere to be found as of yet.