Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Connie Build Guide

This guide talks about the best attribute, ability, and perk builds for Connie in TCM.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Connie Build cover

Connie is one of the victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. She is a highly skilled person who can easily solve problems efficiently. With her life on the line, Connie would need to use her skills in order to escape the the clutches of the Sawyer family. Read ahead as we talk more about how to get the best build for Connie in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Best Attributes - TCM Game Connie Build Guide

Best Connie Attributes

Connie naturally starts off with a high Proficiency stat, and therefore she is already doing well with lockpicking and doing the other objectives in the maps on the get go. Here are Connie’s base stats:

  • Toughness: 20
  • Endurance: 25*
  • Strength: 15
  • Proficiency: 35**
  • Stealth: 30*

Because of her high proficiency, players may often find escaping with Connie faster than the rest, not to mention that her ability, Focused, can basically let her bypass a lock in an instant. You can then go and pump your attribute points towards Proficiency** to max it out and play with her strengths, then the rest of the points can be put on Endurance* so she could sprint longer, or Stealth* so that she can do tasks without worrying too much about making noise.

Best Ability Modifiers - TCM Game Connie Build Guide

Best Connie Ability Modifiers

Connie’s main ability is Focused which lets her instantly open a locked door as long as she has a tool on hand. The down side of using Focused is that it temporarily disables her Family proximity warning for a few seconds, making her susceptible to ambushes.

Connie has three ability modifiers that can improve the ability’s usage:

  • Quicker Recharge Rate: Reduces the ability recharge time to 220/200/180 seconds.
  • Decreased Stamina Cost: Stamina consumption cost for Focused ability reduced by 15%/35%/no cost.
  • Shorter Debuff Duration: Once activated, stamina and Family proximity debuff ls 20/18/15 seconds

Take note that you will need to level up Connie’s ability to level 3 to be able to unlock all three slots for its modifiers. Also, same modifiers’ effects do not stack up and only the modifier placed on the higher level will take effect. For a faster Connie, it’s best to go for these modifiers:

  • Level 1: Shorter Debuff Duration
  • Level 2: Decreased Stamina Cost
  • Level 3: Quicker Recharge Rate

This Focused build will more or less allow Connie to use her ability twice and use it as early as unlocking the exit from the basement, and possibly a second time in one of the map exits.

Best Perks - TCM Game Connie Build Guide

Best Connie Perks

Depending on your Connie playstyle, you can either go for the perk loadout that will allow you to go fast with tasks, or go stealthy and evasive.

Proficiency build:

  • Bomb Squad: You are able to dismantle a trap without the use of a bone scrap. Dismantling traps is also 0%/50%/80% faster.
  • Must Have Been The Wind: all noise generated when interacting with crawl spaces or while gathering items will be completely disregarded. Has 3/4/5 charges.
  • Efficient Locksmith: When unlocking doors, there is a 20%/30%/40% chance the unlock tool won’t be consumed.

Stealth build:

  • Choose Flight: Fight or Flight? Choose flight. Once depleted, your stamina bar will instantly refill. Has 1/2/3 charge(s).
  • Sneaky Pete: Your Stealth is increased by 3/5/7.
  • Slippery: After navigating gaps or crawl spaces, you move 5%/10%/15% faster for 5/5/7 seconds.

Other perks that you might want to consider while working on leveling up your main perks:

  • Lucky Lockpicker: The very first time you use an unlock tool to open a door, it has a 30%/40%/50% chance to not be consumed.
  • Tool Tracks: After escaping your restraints, all unlock tools within 50m will be highlighted for 30/60/90 seconds at the beginning of the match.
  • Intuition: Holding a key item (fuse/valve) highlights the location it can be used for 40/70/100 seconds.