Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Johnny Build Guide

This guide talks about the best attribute, ability, and perk builds for Johnny in TCM.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Johnny Build cover

Johnny is one of the killers in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. A relentless hunter who uses his tracking skills to know where his victims has gone to, Johnny makes sure to make it impossible for victims to escape. Read ahead as we talk more about how to get the best build for Johnny in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Best Johnny Attributes

Johnny is the hunter type with a high Savagery and Endurance that allows him to stay on his prey longer and kill them in a few strikes. However, he doesn’t move as fast as the others and he cannot fit through cracks and crawl spaces.

Here are Johnny’s starting attributes:

  • Savagery: 30
  • Blood Harvesting: 16
  • Endurance: 30

The best way to allocate Johnny’s points is to invest them to maximize his Endurance, then spend the remaining on Savagery. His primary role in a team is to hunt, followed only by feeding Grandpa. Because of his slow pace, Johnny will need to outmaneuver his victims, or work with someone fast like Sissy or Hitchhiker.

Best Johnny Ability Modifiers

Johnny’s main ability is Hunt which allows him to track the movements of Victims while searching for any footprints left behind. It can be further modified to become more useful depending on the play style.

  • Level 1 to 2
    • Decrease Tracking Cost: Consumption rate for footprint tracking reduced by 7%/21%.
    • Increase Clue Range: Increases the detection range of clues left by Victims by 15%/30%.
    • Quicker Recharge: Increases ability bar recharge rate by 14%/34%.
  • Level 3
    • Analyze Clues Faster: Increases the speed of analyzing clues left by Victims by 50%.
    • Footprint Freshness: Changes the color of footprints based on how recently they were left.
    • Increase Trail Range: Increases the range of footprint trails by 100%.

Take note that you will need to level up Johnny’s ability to level 3 to be able to unlock all three slots for its modifiers. Also, same modifiers’ effects do not stack up and only the modifier placed on the higher level will take effect.

For an effective Johnny hunter build, go for these modifiers:

  • Level 1: Decrease Tracking Cost
  • Level 2: Increase Clue Range
  • Level 3: Increase Trail Range

With this build, you will get to make the most out of the ability as you can track down prey longer and get a better range from it.

Best Johnny Perks

Depending on your Johnny playstyle, you can either go for the perk loadout that will allow you to hunt your victims relentlessly, or become a blood harvester through attacking victims.

Hunter build:

  • Scout: Your movement speed is increased by 5%/10%/15%, but melee damage is reduced by 30%/20%/10%.
  • Serrated: Victims when hit by the perk holder take an extra 1HP/second damage over 3/4/5 seconds.
  • Patience: While standing still your ability consumption is reduced by 20%/30%/40%.

Blood Hunter build:

  • Universal Donor: Blood collected from buckets is worth 20%/30%/40% more for you.
  • Surgical: You receive 20%/60%/100% more blood when attacking a victim.
  • Blood Runner: Stamina consumption is reduced by 5%/10%/15% when carrying more than 50% blood in blood vial.

Other perks that you might want to consider while working on leveling up your main perks:

  • Tracker Tagged: Hitting a victim highlights them for all family members for 2/3/5 seconds.
  • Punishment: After searching a hiding spot and finding a victim, you deal 20/30/50 extra damage points to them.
  • Special Blend: Walking through one of Sissy’s poison clouds boosts your stamina regeneration by 30%/30%/%50% for 10/20/30 seconds. It also gives your next 1/1/1 attack/s a poison effect.

As for the Grandpa Abilities, Johnny can choose from the following:

  • Excited Grandpa: Delay between Grandpa’s Sonar ability is reduced by 20% at each level.
  • Experienced Stalkers: Reduces the Family’s proximity warning range for Victims.
  • Don’t Have All Day: Stamina drain while sprinting is decreased by 20%.