Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Grandpa Explained

This guide talks about Grandpa and his ability as part of the Sawyer family in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Grandpa cover

Grandpa is one of the members of the Sawyer family in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Despite being in a dead-like state in his chair, Grandpa serves a very crucial role in making sure that no victim will ever get away, thanks to his very acute sense of hearing. Read ahead as we talk more about Grandpa and how to take advantage of his abilities in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

How to use Grandpa

Grandpa is not a playable Family character, but he will always be present in any of the maps; he has a few spots in each map where he would spawn, usually within the center of the map. At the start of a match, Grandpa will be asleep, but he will wake up once a victim manages to escape the basement, a victim makes too much noise, or a family member feeds him blood.

Why does Grandpa need to be fed blood?

Why does Grandpa need to be fed blood in TCM

Grandpa plays a vital role in every match, as he can reveal the location of every victim on the map when they move using his sonar ability. He lets out a howl, and any victim that moves during this howl will have their location revealed (as shown by the yellow outline).

Grandpa howls in intervals, and this interval grows shorter every time he levels up from feeding on blood. Upon reaching level 5 or the maximum level, Grandpa will howl more often and he can reveal the victim’s locations even if they don’t move. This makes feeding Grandpa a viable tactic of making the hunt easier and shorter

Victims will also be alerted a second before Grandpa howls, giving them enough time to prepare and stay undetected. Victims can remain undetected (from level 1 to 4) even if they are working on something, like looking for a tool or picking a lock, as they usually stay in place when it happens. They can also immobilize Grandpa by stabbing him with a Bone Scrap, causing him to reset to level 1.

How to feed Grandpa

How to feed Grandpa blood in TCM

Grandpa needs blood to wake up and start using his abilities. In order to get blood, you can either look for blood buckets around the map or deal damage to victims. You will see these blood buckets as pieces of meat hung in order to drain their blood into a bowl. Interact with the bowl to harvest the blood; this will drain the bowl, and it will slowly fill back up again after some time.

Each Family member have different amounts of blood that they can carry within their vials. The amount of blood that they can harvest off of attacking victims will also vary depending on the perks that they have equipped.

To feed Grandpa, you simply have to approach him and press the feed button once it appears. You will see the meter around Grandpa’s icon on the right of the screen fill up, and once it fills a segment, Grandpa will gain a level and will also do a howl. If you have fed Grandpa a total of 10 times accumulated throughout all your matches, you will unlock the He was the greatest ever achievement.

All Grandpa Levels

Grandpa has 5 levels, and each level he reaches will make his ability much more stronger and more useful to the family.

  • Level 1: Achieved when Grandpa wakes up; howls between long intervals and detection area is small.
  • Level 2: Grandpa’s howl interval shortens and his detection area widens a bit.
  • Level 3: Grandpa’s howl interval shortens even further and his detection area covers a bit more ground.
  • Level 4: Grandpa’s howl interval shortens even further and his detection area even reaches spots within shadows.
  • Level 5: Grandpa howls often and victims will be detected anywhere on the map, even when they are not moving.

All Grandpa Powers & Abilities

TCM Game - All Grandpa Powers & Abilities

Aside from Grandpa’s Sonar powers, he can also be powered up with other perks. The way this is handled is different as players get to pick a single perk in their loadout, and though these perks are listed as Grandpa Abilities, they don’t necessarily apply to just Grandpa alone, but also to the family members and their properties.

Each Family member can equip one Grandpa Ability that they have unlocked, and no two member can have the same ability in a game, or else they would not stack up. To use these abilities, Grandpa should be fed with blood and leveled up; the more levels Grandpa reaches, the more perks will be activated. These perks will remain activated through the rest of the game, or until he is immobilized.

To equip Grandpa’s Abilities, go to the Customization menu, then to the Family Loadout. Choose the diamond icon to access the Grandpa Abilities section where you can select which perk to get.

Here are all the Grandpa Abilities and their descriptions:

  • Always in Sync: When active, the Family Focus ability duration is increased, and the cooldown is reduced.
  • Animal Farm: Increases Chicken detection radius.
  • Barge to the Point: Barging doors always opens them on the first try.
  • Brute Strength: Slightly increases melee damage for all Family members.
  • Don’t Have All Day: Stamina drain while sprinting is decreased by 20%.
  • Excited Grandpa: Delay between Grandpa’s Sonar ability is reduced by 20% at each level.
  • Experienced Stalkers: Reduces the Family’s proximity warning range for Victims.
  • Exterior Alarms: When active, all critical doors and gates are highlighted for 5 seconds if opened.
  • Nobody Escapes Hell: The minigame for locked doors is 40% more difficult for all Victims.
  • Suffocating Grip: Close encounter minigame is easier by 20% for the Perk holder.
  • Swinging for the Fences: Reduces stamina consumption on melee attacks by 20%.
  • Well Fed Young’uns: Whenever Grandpa’s Sonar is activated, all Family members instantly regain 50 stamina.
  • Well Well Well: Victims that jump down wells take 50% more damage.
  • Windoom: Victims take 50% more damage when Jumping out of windows.
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