Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Leatherface Build Guide

This guide talks about the best attribute, ability, and perk builds for Leatherface in TCM.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre best Leatherface build cover

Leatherface is one of the family characters in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This hulking giant is the most iconic face of the bunch and can easily rip victims in half with a few brutal swings of his titular chainsaw. With the victims having a slim chance of escaping and potentially exposing the family’s dark deeds, Leatherface has to join the hunt to ensure no meat is wasted. We made this guide to help you make the best Leatherface build in the TCM game.

By following this build guide, Leatherface will have an extremely high damage output that most victims will die in just a few hits. Here’s what we recommend for Leatherface’s perks, attributes, and ability modifiers:

Best Leatherface Attributes

Best Attributes - TCM Game Leatherface Build guide
  • Savagery: 50**
  • Blood Gathering: 18*
  • Endurance: 45*

Focus on putting as many attributes into Savagery**. This stat increases the damage Leatherface deals with his melee attacks. It’s already pretty high by default, but you can max it out to truly make him devastating once you get enough attribute points from the skill tree.

The best build for Leatherface revolves around taking advantage of his high Savagery** stat. This allows him to have extremely dangerous burst damage, so he can put down victims in just a couple of swings.

Any extras should go to Endurance, at least until 45. This is your stamina, which will be a deciding factor for how long Leatherface can give chase to victims before needing a short down time. Afterwards, you can invest it in Blood Gathering to help with our Vial-ent and Surgical perks.

Even with his high Savagery, his large frame makes him unable to go through gaps and crawl through openings, so victims can lose him by taking advantage of them. He can saw them down to prevent future use, which is one of his most useful abilities. Leatherface does have high Endurance* allowing him to chase victims for a long period of time without getting tired.

Best Leatherface Ability Modifiers

Best Ability Modifiers - TCM Game Leatherface Build guide
  • Level One: Overheat Reduction
  • Level Two: Overheat Reduction
  • Level Three: Instant Activation

Leatherface’s main ability is Maim, which needs to be revved up before it can do any damage. Because Leatherface can’t do anything while he’s powering he’s chainsaw, victims can easily escape during this period of downtime.

Wait until Level 3 until you get Instant Activation. For the first two levels, focus on Overheat Reduction so you can quickly sneak in multiple burst damage before any victim has the chance to escape. Finally, get Instant Activation so that you can instantly rev up Leatherface’s chainsaw before victims have the chance to use that time to escape.

Best Leatherface Perks

Best Perks - TCM Game Leatherface Build guide

Depending on your playstyle, you can either go for perks that will increase Leatherface’s damage from the get-go or bide your time until you have some blood vials to really become devastating.

Blood Vial Boost Build:

  • Perk 1: Big Swings
  • Perk 2: Vial-ent
  • Perk 3: Surgical
  • Grandpa Ability: Brute Strength

High Burst Damage Build:

  • Perk 1: Big Swings
  • Perk 2: Vial-ent
  • Perk 3: Tracker Tagged
  • Grandpa Ability: Brute Strength

Both Big Swings and Vial-ent are perks that allow Leatherface to deal more damage with each swing. Because of his high stamina, he can take something like Big Swings, which increases his damage by 10% at the cost of 300% more stamina, which is definitely worth it.

While Leatherface isn’t the best at blood gathering, Vial-ent gives him a massive damage boost upon activation when you have a full vial of blood. This is only helped by our third perk, Surgical, which allows Leatherface to draw more blood upon hurting victims.

You can replace Surgical with Tracker Tagged if you want to be a team player instead. Victims you damage will be highlighted for the family to see. One hit from Leatherface should put most victims in critical health, allowing a family member to finish them off.

Choose Brute Strength as your Grandpa Ability. This gives a slight increase in melee damage for all family members. With these perks that we’ve picked, you can two-shot almost any victim, maybe except Ana with her special ability activated.