That’s No Moon Created to Surpass Former Employers and Elevate Quality of AAA Blockbusters

Introducing their own AAA game made by veterans from the gaming industry.

that's no moon entertainment

Newly-founded game studio That’s No Moon was recently revealed to the world and it is composed of veterans from different sectors from the gaming industry and now has flocked under one banner. CEO Michael Mumbauer recently chatted with media outlet about several things including the reason for getting these veterans to work for them.

Mumbauer revealed that their gaming studio has a particular goal in mind, which is to elevate the quality of AAA blockbusters and not just compete with their former employers, they want to surpass them. In return, they will be able to “disrupt” the AAA space of the whole gaming industry, which will push other developers to elevate their development of their games as well.

The CEO likened their goal with what Image Comics did for Marvel. With their emergence, Marvel pushed to improve their visual quality and storytelling to what it is today. “We’re doing the same thing, we’re taking the best talent in our space and pulling them all together to form something completely new, and look at things completely differently,” he said.

With the emergence of That’s No Moon, hopefully other studios that developer AAA games will be leveling up their game development as well. We might expect some really big games with superior visual quality and stories in the near future after That’s No Moon’s releases its first game.

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