The Best 4K TVs Within Your Gaming Budget!

The 4K gaming era is here, and y’all can’t probably wait for Christmas or your birthdays to come. This is a list of the most efficient 4K TVs which won’t do that much damage to your pockets.

Starting off from the LG 49UH668V

The specs on this TV are dope,

4K, HDR and has a 49 in. screen measurement. Plug in your PS4 Pro into this TV and load up Horizon Zero Dawn and you’ll really find yourself drooling over the amazing visuals.

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Second on the list is the  Panasonic TX-40DX700B

This one right here is quite different from all the other usual 4K TVs in the market because of it’s size. It’s really hard to find a small 4K TV in the market, this one is perfect for gamers who are occupying on a small lounge or room.

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Third on the list is the Philips 49PUS6401

If you think that the LG i mentioned earlier was pretty sweet for its price well you gotta check this one out. The Philips is just as good as the LG but guess what? This one has Ambilight thrown into the bargain as well. For those of you who don’t know what Ambilight is– its a unique feature in Philips TVs which involves strips of light that are seen on the TV’s edges and which is projected to the wall behind it. Basically it gives more onscreen action feels. That’s hella cool right??

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Fourth on my list is the Hisense H49M3000 

This one is the cheapest one on my list. You can score this 49-inch TV for around $420, I mean imagine getting a good 4K TV at this price, this one also has good specs, great deal especially for most of us gamers here who are in a tight budget.

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And the last one on my list is the LG 49UH770V

This TV is also quite good for 4K gaming and streaming, same features as most of the TVs here in my list. When it comes to this this TV’s HDR feature, I wouldn’t really say that it’s good, but the TV’s rich and natural palette is just what gave me away.

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Now, better get your asses to the department center before these TVs run out of stock!!