The Elder Scrolls Online Card Game is One Way to Avoid PvP Duels

Why fight in a PvP Duel when you can just decide the winner with a card game?

the elder scrolls online tales of tribute

Popular MMO The Elder Scrolls Online constantly has new content for players to enjoy to keep them engaged. While these are usually new monsters to kill, companions, dungeons, and more, the latest expansion High Isle introduces a new feature that offers wholesome fun without the violence.

In the latest issue of Play Magazine (June 22 Issue), Creative Director Rich Lambert explains the advantage of the new past-time in TESO: Tales of Tribute, an in-game card game, just like the one from The Witcher 3. He explains that with this card game, players can actually do something else aside from the usual dungeon raids, boss battles, and PvP duels.

the elder scrolls online

With Tales of Tribute, players are able to avoid PvP duels when another player wants to challenge them. “I could just walk up to you in a game and challenge you to a match,” says Lambert. “So like you would a PvP duel, you can just duel over cards, right?”

Lambert reveals that Tales of Tribute has a lot of depth in terms of gameplay and players will definitely get lost in it. It is not just an ordinary card game as it has its own rules and more.

The creative director actually always wanted to have this type of tavern or pub game in TESO. He is now happy that they were able to implement this without any issues.

The Elder Scrolls Online is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. If you want to know more about the mechanics of Tales of Tribute, check out our guide here.