The House of the Dead Remake Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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A classic remade for modern systems, The House of the Dead Remake brings everything that was part of the arcade experience to a more personal system. First released as a Switch exclusive, the arcade shooter was then released on last-gen consoles and PC. The House of the Dead Remake proved to be an enjoyable experience, as per our review of the game. It has now been released onto the PS5 as of January 20, 2023.

In this trophy guide, we’ll show how you can earn the Platinum trophy for the remake of the game that defined arcade gun games for a generation (aka House of the Dead Remake). While appearing skill-based, the trophies lean more on the enjoyable side. If anything, if you can remember where enemies spawn and where the scientists are, then you’re all set for the platinum run.

There are 41 trophies to collect:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 4 Gold trophies
  • 10 Silver trophies
  • 26 Bronze trophies

The House of the Dead Remake Trophy List


  • The House of the Dead: Unlock all trophies of The House of the Dead!


  • Ender: Discover all three endings
  • Saviour: Save all Scientists through the campaign
  • Secret Room: Enter secret room on Chapter 4
  • Collector: Collect all items in a single campaign


  • Blood Bath: Beat campaign at ARCADE difficulty
  • True ending: Finish the game with a total score of over 62,000
  • Traveler: Discover all paths available in the game
  • Catch’em All!: Collect all creature entries
  • Full Armory: Collect all additional weapons available in the game
  • Penta-Kill!: Kill 5 enemies in a row
  • Grenadier: Kill 5 enemies at the same time
  • Invincible!: Finish whole campaign without taking any damage
  • Deratization: Kill all rats in-game
  • Unwinged: Shoot all Hangedman’s Devilions


  • Agent: Beat campaign at any difficulty
  • Chariot: Beat Chariot at the end of the first chapter
  • Hangedman: Beat Hangedman at the end of the second chapter
  • Hermit: Beat Hermit at the end of the third chapter
  • Magician: Beat Magician at the end of the fourth chapter
  • Normal ending: Finish the game with a final score below 62,000 and the last score digit not equal to zero
  • Third ending: Finish the game with the final score below 62,000 and the last score digit equal to zero
  • Hero: Save a Scientist
  • Murderer: Kill a Scientist
  • Psychopath: Kill Scientists at any chapter
  • Try this!: Collect your first additional weapon
  • Headhunter: Fire off 666 heads!
  • Sadist: Devastate opponent’s body as much as possible!
  • Triple-Kill!: Kill 3 enemies in a row
  • Butcher: Kill 666 enemies
  • Dance Macabre: Nail down opponent’s head with Pitter
  • Swifty: Shoot down enemies’ projectiles 50 times
  • Not this time!: Finish a single chapter without taking any damage
  • Agent G: Finish the full campaign with your friend!
  • Partner: Finish any chapter with help of Player 2
  • Reinforcements!: Let Player 2 join while in the middle of a campaign
  • Really?: Lose all credits and die
  • Who let the dogs out?: Knock back the kenfis
  • Ringo: Knock up an enemy as high as possible
  • No ammo wasted: Finish the chapter without reloading with bullets in the chamber
  • Glass cleaner: Don’t destroy any glass panels in chapter 2

The Platinum trophy run for The House of the Dead Remake is relatively stress-free. Heck, the whole series is built upon horror and stress relief. Once you’re done with the initial playthrough to get the first ending, you are free to hop into any level to start knocking down individual trophies.

The first trophies you can go for can be the Normal and the Third Ending. Both require you to have a final score of less than 62,000. The only difference is that Normal is unlocked if you have a score ending with a non-zero. The third ending is with a zero in the last digit. We advise going for “Classic” mode for this one as you’ll generally have a lower score due to how strict the crit multiplier is for weak point kills.

If you’re aiming for the True Ending in The House of the Dead Remake, you’ll need a score above 62,000. Playing the game in “Modern” mode is the easiest way of doing it. Not only do you score points with every bullet hit, but you can also earn more points by shooting the enemies’ non-moving bodies. You can easily chain combos together and knock off a couple of more trophies in the process.

To unlock the multiplayer trophies, Reinforcements!, Partner, and Agent G as a solo, you’ll need to turn on another controller while the campaign is running. To ensure getting Agent G, we advise connecting from the very start of the game. It should be an interesting run.

The most important thing to remember is that the game becomes easier the more times you clear it. By your second or third run, you’ll have access to all the weapons (and their trophies) and modifiers like infinite ammo and one-shot enemies. This is going to help a lot on your no-damage run.

One final note – if you happen to mess up on trophies associated with no damage and the scientist, you can always quit the game and go back to the main menu. Select “Continue” and you’ll be loaded back to the beginning of the stage and you can try again from there.

And that’s about it for this trophy guide for The House of the Dead Remake. It’s certainly not too stressful, so enjoy it like you would in an arcade. Good hunting, trophy hunter.

Check out the PS5 trailer for The House of the Dead Remake courtesy of ForeverEntertainment.

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