The Last of Us Part II Guide – How To Get the Missable Pump Action Shotgun

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If you’ve played any kind of zombie survival games, then you’d know that shotguns are among the most powerful one-shot weapons you can ever get your hands on. And it could be a real great occurrence if you happen to get your hands on one. In The Last of Us Part II, such a weapon is surely valuable and missable.

The pump action shotgun is a weapon Ellie can find throughout her journey. If you’re not going to take the time to explore the more open sections of the game, then you could entirely miss such a valuable weapon.

During Ellie’s arrival in Seattle before heading into Serevena Hotel, she is given a moment to freely explore a section of the city. Near the synagogue, in Marion Street, head to 5th AVE. Just across the Valiant Music Shop is a FEDRA military camp where you’ll find Cache Hunter Note written by Aaron addressing the City Bank may be worth looting. You’ll find it Southwest of the area, between Cherry ST and James ST.

Entering the bank is relatively easy enough, though you will encounter infected once inside. Clear them out and head to the vault, there’s a note near a corpse detailing the vault codes are 60 23 06 and inside you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Be careful though! Once you head back outside the vault, a clicker and an infected will come to the area and may take you by surprise.