The Last of Us Part II Guide – Where To Find The Explosives Upgrade Branch

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If you’re the aggressive sort of type in combat, how’s using explosive arrows sound for you? In The Last of Us Part II, you can do just that. However, they are missable content on your first playthrough. In order to gain access to explosives upgrade, you need the Explosives Training Manual.

You can find this manual shortly after exiting the Merci Store, during Day 2 of Ellie’s adventure. After a particularly tough and intense encounter against a big guy with a sledgehammer, exit the store from its back entrance and climb up to the second floor. The building is falling apart, so you actually have to jump to the other side in order to get to the manual.

From then you have access to the explosives upgrade branch, which includes:

  • Explosive Arrows
  • Improved Trap Mines
  • Improved Molotovs
  • Crafting More Trap Mines
  • Crafting More Explosive Arrows

These skills can significantly change your play style, depending on whether you think explosives are the way to go. This is definitely useful against hordes of enemies.

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