The Last of Us Series Leaked Image Shows First Look at Henry and Sam

A clearer look at the two known characters!

the last of us remake

A leaked image of both Sam and Henry were recently taken from the upcoming HBO The Last of Us series.

There were a few leaked images taken from the set in Calgary, Canada a few months ago, but this recent photo is clearest one of them all. It shows all four characters in one picture.

The image was shared on the Twitter account NaughtyDogInfo. It showed Bella Ramsey as Ellie, Pedro Pascal as Joel, and Sam and Henry but the actors are currently unknown. All of them seem to be wearing thicker clothing just like in the video games where the part of the story was almost winter at that time and it was colder.

Aside from the clear photo, a clip was shared on another Twitter account, The Last of Us Updates. It showed all four characters slowly crossing the road and trying to get into a building without getting seen. From the clothes they were wearing, it seems the video was taken the same time as the picture.

It seems the upcoming TV series is going to be heavily based on the video game’s narrative instead of making their own unique take of it.

The Last of Us by HBO still does not have a date of its broadcast, but it is probably going to air in 2023.