The Last of Us TV Show Leaked Footage Reveals Backstory

New leaked videos gives us a preview of what to expect.

the last of us remake

New leaked footage of HBO’s The Last of Us TV show has been revealed and it seems viewers will be getting to know more about the game’s backstory.

The first leaked video was shot in downtown Calgary. It shows some milistary vehicles going through the streets of the city and some protestors on the site. When these vehicles go by the crowd, red flares are shot in the air and the extras then shout some lines like “Freedom!” and “F**k FEDRA!”

These military forces are the ones from the game, FEDRA, the guys from the pre-outbreak United States government together with the Department of Defense and the Center of Disease Control. It seems this will be the scene of the Pittsburgh Quarantine Zone, which was before the original game. This could be the start of the story of how they got wiped out by survivors who hated them.

The second clip is a similar scene where Ellie helped Joel open a door by going through a small gap. Bella Ramsey who plays Ellie does this in the video while Pedro Pascal, as Joel, waits outside. It also looks the same when Bella opens the door and lets Pedro inside.

The last video is a soundbite of Jeffrey Pierce. He talks about this new character Perry and how he factors in the story’s game if his character was added. It would actually make some scenes more sense if his character was there.

No official release date yet for HBO’s The Last of Us TV show, but it was reported that it might get aired in 2023.

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