The Legend of Dragoon PS4 and PS5 Trophies Get Revealed

An awesome incentive for fans to play the whole game again.

The PS Plus Premium/Deluxe recently introduced one of the most wanted PlayStation classics of all time, The Legend of Dragoon, to the gaming library; now everyone knows that it has trophies for the PS4 and PS5.

According to the website Exophase, this is a new addition to the classic game which is a great new feature for nostalgic players. It has a total of 47 trophies in total and it has been confirmed that there is a Platinum trophy.

Note that the trophies list has spoilers.

Check the full list of The Legend of Dragoon PS4 and PS5 trophies below:

  • Bronze: Acceptance and Forgiveness – Defeat Death Rose.
  • Bronze: Archangel, Archangel, Won’t You Be Mine? – Defeat Archangel.
  • Bronze: The Buddy System of Enemies – Defeat Mappi and Gehrich.
  • Bronze: Cage Up Claire – Defeat Claire.
  • Bronze: Cosmic Dust – Collect 1 Stardust.
  • Bronze: Dragon’s Nest – Defeat Greham and Feyrbrand.
  • Bronze: Echoes of the Past – Defeat Virage.
  • Bronze: Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Befriend Rose.
  • Bronze: Extinguish the Spirit of Regole – Defeat Dragon Spirit 2.
  • Bronze: Extinguish the Spirit of the Divine Dragon – Defeat Dragon Spirit 3.
  • Bronze: Family Troubles – Fight the Emperor Doel and Dragoon Doel.
  • Bronze: I Can Do This with My Eyes Closed – Defeat Dark Doel.
  • Bronze: Have a Blast at the Carnival – Play some carnival games.
  • Bronze: He Probably Wasn’t the Last One Ever – Defeat the Last Kraken.
  • Bronze: Hot Wing – Defeat Fire Bird.
  • Bronze: Jiango Unleashed – Defeat Jiango.
  • Bronze: The Knight of Basil – Befriend Lavitz.
  • Bronze: Master of Thunder – Befriend Haschel.
  • Bronze: Might of Gigantos – Befriend Kongol.
  • Bronze: Nice to Be Back on Land Again – Defeat Lenus.
  • Bronze: Not on My Watch – Defeat the invading Sandoran Commander in Seles.
  • Bronze: Once a Thief, Always a Thief – Defeat Mappi.
  • Bronze: Phantom Connection – Defeat a Virage in Valley of Corrupted Gravity.
  • Bronze: Poisonous Serpent – Defeat Urobolus.
  • Bronze: Prison Break – Reunite with Shana.
  • Bronze: Quick Thinking – Sneak into Hellena Prison.
  • Bronze: Rags to Riches – Hold 7,000G.
  • Bronze: The Sacred Sister – Befriend Miranda.
  • Bronze: Silver-Haired Swordsman – Defeat Lloyd.
  • Bronze: The Tepid Threesome – Defeat Fruegel, Guftas, and Rodriguez.
  • Bronze: They Were Quite the “Motley Crew” – Defeat Kubila, Selebus, and Vector.
  • Bronze: An Unlikely Pair – Defeat Drake the Bandit and Shirley.
  • Bronze: Vanquish Indora… Indoors? – Defeat Indora.
  • Bronze: What We Do for Love – Defeat Lenus and Regole.
  • Bronze: A Wink and a Smile… And a Hammer – Befriend Meru.
  • Bronze: Where’d He Go? – Defeat the Windigo.
  • Bronze: Who Watches the Warden? – Defeat Fruegel.
  • Bronze: You Look Like You’ve Just Seen a Ghost – Defeat Ghost Commander and his 4 knights.
  • Silver: Extinguish the Spirit of Feyrbrand – Defeat Dragon Spirit.
  • Silver: Not So Immortal after All – Defeat the final boss.
  • Silver: Wish upon a Star – Collect 30 Stardust.
  • Gold: Serdian War – Complete Chapter 1.
  • Gold: Platinum Shadow – Complete Chapter 2.
  • Gold: Fate and Soul – Complete Chapter 3.
  • Gold: Moon and Fate – Complete Chapter 4.
  • Platinum: Pure Legend – Unlock all trophies in The Legend of Dragoon.

The Legend of Dragoon is now available on PS4 and PS5 and can be downloaded for free via PS Plus Premium membership.