The Medium: How to Solve the Red House Secret Door Combination

The Medium is a video game that has no shortage of scares and mysteries by Bloober Team. One of the game’s core gameplay loops is puzzle solving. As it happens with games like The Medium, some puzzles will stand out for being relatively more difficult or more interesting than the others.

The Red House in The Medium immediately comes to mind when it comes to the game’s more interesting puzzles. One of those puzzles is one involving a door in the basement. This particular puzzle may not be the game’s hardest, but it definitely is one of the most interesting ones when taking the solution into account. Here’s how you can solve it.

Where to find the Red House Secret Door?

the medium secret door location

First things first, if you haven’t yet, you will need to get to the door first to begin the puzzle. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to spot. Once you reach the building’s basement, look for the crack beside an old wooden cabinet. You can go inside this small opening. You will immediately find the secret door in the next room.

Now that you found the door, the next step is to find the correct combination code required to open it.

How to find the Red House Secret Door Code Combination?

Use the small crack opening again to return to the previous room. Just across the wooden cabinet is a doorway to another room. Go there to find a green locker. You can open this locker using your Bolt Cutters.

Once opened, you will find a jewelry box for a pocket watch, a gift to Thomas courtesy of his wife for their 10th anniversary. You will also find the receipt for this watch just beside the locker, which reveals it was purchased in 1976. This is the only information you need for the secret door’s combination code.

Since the pocket watch was bought in 1976, and it is for the couple’s 10th anniversary, that means Thomas and his wife met, or at least began their relationship in 1966.

Return to the secret door and input 1966 into the keypad to finally open it.

the medium secret door code

The Medium is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC, and on PS5 this September 3, 2021.