The Medium -Free Richard From His Demons Guide

Free Richard from his demons is a quest you will have to do in The Medium.

free richard from his demons

Later on in the game, you will get the opportunity to play as someone other than Marriane. The character you will play as is Thomas. More accurately, you will get to play as Thomas’ spirit. During Thomas’ first memory sequence, you will need to navigate a mansion and a maze-like area as you attempt to free Richard from his demons. Here’s how you can do that.

How To Free Richard From His Demons – The Medium

Entering The Mansion

As soon as the sequence begins, continue forward to the mansion down the path. You will be attacked by tentacles along the way. You can deflect them easily with your Spirit Shield. However, if you time your Spirit Shield correctly, you will be able to kill the tentacle rather than just block it.

After entering the mansion, a cutscene will play out. When it is over, head to the left side of the foyer and grab the knife on top of the table. Once the knife is collected, a pathway at the opposite side of the room will open up. Enter it and move forward. Be sure to pay attention to the narration as they reveal a lot of integral plot points to certain characters’ backstory. Continue following the path the game lays bare for you until you finally reach Richard’s office.

Getting Rid Of The Tentacles In The Office

The first thing you will immediately notice once inside are the tentacles blocking the path to the next area. The goal now is to clear it. Head to the desk at the center of the room and interact with the pipe on top of it. Then, use your Insight to find an open book with a woman’s picture that’s sitting inside a drawer.

Move away from the desk and go over to the fireplace. Interact with the medal, the picture frame, and the letter on the fireplace. This will summon a coffin on the desk, along with negative energy you can absorb. You can use this energy to power yourself up and use the Spirit Blast to clear the tentacles away.

The Maze and Back Into The Mansion

After clearing the tentacles, you will be sucked into the painting and taken into a maze-like area. Just continue forward and follow the roses. You can also interact with anything you can to get backstory details until you’re taken back to the mansion. Once you’re back in the office, make your way back into the mansion foyer and take the stairs on the left. Take the door down the hall to enter the next room.

Once here, you will be asked to bring “that thing” to be placed on a chair. Use your Insight to gather an empty bottle, a book from the shelf, and a wedding photo from the table. Place these three items on the chair. Be careful, though, because at this point the tentacle behind the chair will start attacking you. Use your Spirit Shield and time it correctly to eventually “kill” the tentacle, which will then open up the path to the next area.

Absorb the energy on the bed in the next room. This will open the door at the foot of the bed, which will lead to a hallway filled with tentacles. Use the Spirit Shield to block them as you move forward. Enter the room at the end of the hallway and use the Spirit Blast to clear the tentacles that are blocking another painting. Doing so will send you back to the Maze.

The Second Maze

Just continue forward, interacting with anything you can, until you arrive at the mansion again. Head back outside and just move forward until you reach the attic. There are a lot of things you can interact with in this room, like a note on the left side of the room, a Collaborator plaque, and a Star of David inside a coffee can. After interacting with these items, a noose containing negative energy will drop. Absorb this energy to Spirit Blast the tentacles that are blocking yet another painting at the end of the attic.

The Final Maze

Now, you’re taken to the maze again. Just as before, continue heading forward, interact with everything you can, and block or kill the tentacles along the way. Interact with the bush of flowers at the end of the maze to be taken back inside the mansion. At this point, you’ll be taken back to the mansion foyer. Continue forward to go outside the mansion. Just continue walking straight ahead to reach and free little Richard from the tentacles that are restraining him.

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