The Outlast Trials Program 2 Fun Park: Open the Gates MK-Challenge Guide

The Outlast Trials Program 2 Open the Gates cover

Open the Gates is an MK-Challenge part of Program 2 in The Outlast Trials. In this trial, players are sent out to dispose of the murderer animatronic kids. Read ahead as we go through the tasks in order to complete the Open the Gates challenge in The Outlast Trials.

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Open the Gates Main Objective: You cannot let power imprison you. Disconnect the electric gates and make your escape.

The Outlast Trials: Open the Gates MK-Challenge Walkthrough

You will be back in the outdoor area of the Fun Park and your only goal right now it to make it to the other end where the exit shuttle is.

Open the Gates to reach the exit

Make your way through the barn once again where the grinder from the previous challenge was. You will see a sign that says “follow wires” with cables running into the different sections of the barn.

Follow these wires to find the fuses then disarm them from the fuse box. There are four gates to open which are scattered across the park. The enemies including Mother Gooseberry will be out hunting for you, so you will have to be crafty when navigating to either avoid them or shake them off your trail.

Exit the Trial

Once you have all the gates opened, make your way to the merry-go-round where the exit gate has been opened. You will need to call on the shuttle once you arrive at the exit and wait for it to come. Most of the time, Mother Gooseberry will be waiting for you there, so try to lure her out of there first so you can exit safely.

Open the Gates Completion Rewards

  • First time completion:
    • +750 XP
    • +$250
    • +$500 for A+ rating
  • Regular rewards:
    • Random cosmetic
    • Random cell decoration
    • XP and $ based on rating

Open the Gates Poster Locations

There are four posters to be found within the Open the Gates trial.

  • Poster #1 – This can be found just on the outer wall of the barn before entering it.
  • Poster #2 – This can be found on the wall next to the door on the building adjacent to the diner.
  • Poster #3 – This can be found inside one of the shacks that lead to the outdoor area within the park.
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