The Planet Crafter: How to Unlock the Fusion Reactor

A guide on how to use the Fusion Reactors in Planet Crafter

In The Planet Crafter, Fusion Reactors are inactive power nodes found inside wrecked ships scattered across the planet. To activate them, you’ll need to craft Fusion Cells. Inserting a fusion cell into a fusion reactor will partially restore power, unlocking previously inaccessible areas within the ship. It will open up new sections inside these wreckages that are hiding plenty of good loot such as blueprints and other resources. Read ahead as we go through the steps on where to find and how to use these Fusion Reactors in The Planet Crafter.

Where to find Fusion Reactors in The Planet Crafter

The Fusion Reactors are already built inside the wreckages that are found all across the map. These are the 5 wrecks that have fusion reactors in them:

  • Dune Desert Battleship Wreck
  • Gate Desert Space Warp Gate Wreck
  • Cirrella-IV, Steep Hill Ship Wreck
  • Cintat-II, Waterfall Ship Wreck
  • Volcano Ship Wreck
Fusion Reactors in The Planet Crafter

How to use Fusion Reactors in The Planet Crafter

These Fusion Reactors can only be used once when it is given a Fusion Energy Cell, a mid-game craftable object.

Craft a Fusion Energy Cell

To craft a Fusion Energy Cell, you will need an Advanced Craft Station, reach a Terraformation rating of 450.00 GTi to unlock the fusion energy cell recipe, and use the following materials to craft:

  • 3 Pulsar Quartz (found in Pulsar Quartz Cave, Meteor Field, Waterfall)
  • 2 Osmium (found in defrosted caves)
  • 1 Obsidian (found in the Volcano biome)

Activate a Fusion Reactor

Once you have a Fusion Energy Cell, head over to a Fusion Reactor and place the energy cell in it. Wait for a few seconds for the Fusion Reactor to charge up and lock the energy cell in place. Afterwards, you can then hear a door in a different part of the wreck opening up. The passages to and behind these doors are often blocked by debris, but further in, you can find chests full of high tier items, or even vaults that contain Terra Tokens.

In The Planet Crafter 1.0, if a Fusion Energy Cell is put inside a reactor, it cannot be removed from it, so you will just need to craft another one to power up another Fusion Reactor. Once the Fusion Reactor is used, it is rendered useless, and also cannot be deconstructed.