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Care to be the Meddling Kid by finding all the Clues in The Quarry?

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The Quarry Clues are important for giving you background information of everything happening and happened in Hackett’s Quarry. They’re collectibles you can find around via exploration so be sure to look nook and cranny for them when you can. On this guide, we’ll show you where to find The Quarry Clues.

The Quarry Clue Locations List

There are 40 The Quarry Clues in total you can find in the game. Some Clues can only be found by choosing certain options. For example, in Chapter 2 when in a forked path choose to go the Shady Glade instead of Rocky Road to find the Ranger Box. However you’ll miss The Hanged Man Tarot Card that can be found on the Rocky Road path.

Here are all the The Quarry Clues and where to find them:

All Freakshow Fire Clues

  • Harum Scarum Poster: Prologue, Woods
  • Escapology Trunk: Prologue, Woods
  • Broken Cage: Prologue, Woods
  • Newspaper Headline Scrap: Chapter 1, Camp Cabins
  • Damaged Memorabilia: Chapter 2, Camp Store
  • North Kill Gazette: Chapter 2, Boat House
  • Charred Sheriff’s Badge: Chapter 7, Sheriff’s Office
  • Discarded Signage: Chapter 9, Scrapyard
  • Ticket Stub: Chapter 10, Lodge Hallway

All Hackett History Clues

  • Family Photo: Chapter 2, Chris Hackett’s Office
  • Ranger Box: Chapter 2, Hackett Woods
  • Trail Camera: Chapter 2, Hackett Woods
  • No Swimming Sign: Chapter 3, Boat House
  • Old Camp Photo: Chapter 3, Boat House
  • Box of Matches: Chapter 4, The Island
  • Triggered Bear Trap: Chapter 5, Camp Cabins
  • Scrawled Limerick: Chapter 7, Laura’s Cell
  • Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast: Chapter 7, Sheriff’s Office
  • Old Quarry Tools: Chapter 8, Quarry Mines
  • Miner’s Lunchbox: Chapter 8, Quarry Mines
  • Rum Still: Chapter 8, Hackett Basement
  • Scrapyard Note: Chapter 9, Scrapyard
  • Trophy Hunting Wall: Chapter 9, Hackett House
  • Hackett Family Tree: Chapter 9, Hackett House
  • Chalkboard Doodle: Chapter 10, Lodge Classroom
  • Inscribed Jewelry: Chapter 10, Lodge Main Hall
  • Ancestral Portrait: Chapter 10, Lodge Chimney Column

All Camp History Clues

  • Bloodied Collar: Prologue, Lodge Storm Shelter
  • Hunting Notice: Chapter 1, Lodge Parking Lot
  • Camp Plaque: Chapter 1, Lodge Parking Lot
  • Camp Song Recordings: Chapter 1, Camp Cabins
  • Information Sign Post: Chapter 1, Camp Cabins
  • Lodge Renovation Plans: Chapter 2, Camp Store
  • Counselor’s Ledger: Chapter 2, Chris Hackett’s Office
  • Letter to Camp Nurse: Chapter 2, Camp Cabins
  • Kid’s Letter Home: Chapter 6, Firepit
  • Spooky Drawing: Chapter 6, Poolhouse
  • Campers Photo: Chapter 6, Poolhouse
  • Camp Letter: Chapter 10, Lodge Main Hall

Other of The Quarry Clues can be found automatically. The Bloodied Collar and Ancestral Portrait are necessary to forward the story. Others Clues however can take more exploration and are easy to miss if you don’t take advantage of sections that allow you to explore areas.

If you’re looking for a specific clue per chapter, you can find it in the following list. The clues have been listed in the approximate order in which they can be located, however the order in which you find them will vary depending on the paths you choose when investigating each region.

Prologue Clue Locations

Prologue Clue Locations - The Quarry

Harum Scarum Poster

Once Laura has made her way down to the lower path from where Max had been repairing his car, the first clue will be in plain sight. You will notice a poster tacked to a tree as you continue to ascend the route. Interact with it in order to pick it up.

Escapology Trunk

You’ll come to a minor fork in the road not far after the previous clue. While one leads to a little dead-end, a second continues further. Ascend the path and open the trunk’s cover.

Broken Cage

You’ll come to another fork in the road shortly after the previous clue. An alcove within the trees may be found to the right of where you enter the area. The broken cage can be found if you follow this trail to the right.

Bloodied Collar

At Hackett’s Quarry in the prologue, you can enter a storm shelter located beneath the main lodge. Enter through the two doors and walk straight ahead to locate a Bloodied Collar positioned in the middle of the room.

Chapter 1 Clue Locations

Chapter 1 Clue Locations - The Quarry

Camp Plaque

Just to the left of the entrance to the main lodge is where you’ll find the following clue location. Interact with the plaque that is hanging on the wall.

Hunting Notice

After having a conversation with Kaitlyn at the beginning of Chapter 1, the first clue can be located while the two of them are outside the lodge. You can see a sign for hunting just beyond the fence if you walk to the front of the cars and to the side.

Newspaper Headline Scrap

Upon taking control of Abigail, you can walk inside the cabin to search for your luggage with Emma and discover this clue. Go inside, the scrap will be on the floor in between the two bunks on the left side.

Camp Song Recording

Outside of the hut, you’ll find the following clue. Head to cabin room 08 while you’re still in the area. A tape player can be found near the stairwell leading to the front door.

Information Signpost

To get to the next clue, head to the center of the cottages and look for it on the other side of the tree. Find the information signpost that indicates how far a number of cities are from one another and interact with it.

Chapter 2 Clue Locations

Chapter 2 Clue Locations - The Quarry

Damaged Memorabilia

Examine the middle-of-the-floor shelves after Emma and Jacob have entered the General Store. The Clue is located on the other side of the doorway.

Lodge Renovation Plans

In the back area of the General Store, you’ll find this Clue. Look to your left when you exit the locked room with the shotgun and you should find the Lodge Renovation Plans there if you broke in with the shotgun first.

Family Photo

Examine the desk for a photo of Chris and his children, Caleb and Kaylee, when Dylan and Ryan are at Chris’s office.

Counselor’s Ledger

Chris’s office has a trapdoor, which Dylan and Ryan can explore thereafter. Dylan can then sit down at the desk and investigate the drawers further. When he does this, he will be presented with the Counselors Ledger.

Ranger Box

Following that previous clue, proceed to the section in the back of the one you have already explored. The second piece of information pertaining to Hackett History may be found at this particular location, which is a box.

Trail Camera

When Nick and Abigail go on a walk, suggest that they take the route back that goes via Shady Glade. Take the path that leads to the right as soon as you enter the new area to locate a trail camera that Chris has set up.

Chapter 3 Clue Locations

Chapter 3 Clue Locations - The Quarry

North Kill Gazette

If you are playing as Jacob, you will discover the newspaper on a small table to your left, beneath the stairs, after you have walked past the stack of canoes.

No Swimming Sign

If, after obtaining control of Jacob, you travel the road that leads to the left, you will find a No Swimming Sign that can be seen from the railing that is close by.

Old Camp Photo

As Jacob, you can find the Old Camp Photo of the Hackett brothers on a wooden post on the far left side of the Boathouse. There are several chairs surrounding the post that are haphazardly arranged.

Chapter 4 Clue Locations

Chapter 4 Clue Locations - The Quarry

Police Car Keys

If you are playing as Emma, you will be offered the option to take the high road across the wooden walking bridge or the low path that winds through the forest. In order to guarantee that you get the Police Car Keys, it is highly advised that you first collect the Box of Matches that may be located by an extinguished campfire at the end of the low path.

Instead of returning to the wooden walking bridge once you’ve acquired the Box of Matches, climb the adjoining ladder. Following this way, you’ll come upon the keys of the police car on a windowsill adjacent to the door. If you go through the door, you’ll lose the chance to get the clue.

Box of Matches

On the island, you’ll find this clue while controlling Emma. If you choose the lesser route, you’ll ultimately come across a ladder that will help you climb higher. On the far left, by a blazing fire, are a few matches. If you hurry up, you’ll miss the collectible on the floor below.

Chapter 5 Clue Locations

Chapter 5 Clue Locations - The Quarry

Triggered Bear Trap

On their way to the radio tower, Ryan and Dylan will come across this clue. As previously said, you’re back in the camp cabins from earlier in the game. To get to the pool, walk to the left of the main building when you enter the cabin section of the property. There is a gate in this location. Next to it is a bear trap that you can interact with.

Letter to Camp Nurse

In the cabins, search for a note on the ground between rooms 3 and 4. The eighth clue in Camp History can be found in this note, so grab it and read it.

Chapter 6 Clue Locations

Chapter 6 Clue Locations - The Quarry

Kid’s Letter Home

Check the tent before going to the lodge when Emma returns to the fire pit where you were earlier. In the pool house, you’ll be able to find the remaining half of the piece of paper that Abigail found.

Spooky Drawing

A drawing by a camper may be found at the end of the hall in the other corner of the pool house from the group.

Campers Photo

Enter the pool house as Abigail and head to the back of the room to your lockers. A pinboard sits next to them. Approach it to uncover the clue.

Chapter 7 Clue Locations

Chapter 7 Clue Locations - The Quarry

Scrawled Limerick

After Travis has brought Max to be interrogated, you can find the Scrawled Limerick while controlling Emma in the jail. It’s on the cell wall.

Charred Sheriff’s Badge

Eventually, you’ll have complete freedom to roam the police station. Head upstairs to the second set of doors, which lead to an office. The clue is hidden in a box against the wall on the right side.

Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast

Downstairs, use the computer in the station’s office. Without Travis’ password, enter the third top-floor room. As you enter, check the calendar for Travis’ birthday. On your way back, check Travis’ age in the room adjacent to the stairs. This reveals the computer password and podcast.

Chapter 8 Clue Locations

Chapter 8 Clue Locations - The Quarry

Miner’s Lunchbox

When entering the abandoned mines, avoid falling into the same pool of water that Laura and Ryan did. The Mine’s Lunchbox may be found close to the massive granite pillar.

Old Quarry Tools

On the ground to the left of the metal stairwells leading deeper into the abandoned mines, you’ll locate the Old Quarry Tools.

Rum Still

When you are playing as Ryan, go into the area to the left of the wooden barrels. Along the left wall, you will find some old Rum Stills that have rusted over.

Chapter 9 Clue Locations

Chapter 9 Clue Locations - The Quarry

Hunting Trophy Wall

Laura will find a wall of animal skulls shortly before ascending to the upper floor of the piano room. The animals whose heads you see here were bitten by werewolves and were infected.

Hackett Family Tree

Climb the stairwell to the floor above the Hunting Trophy Wall and enter the room directly across from the stairwell. The Hackett Family Tree, which hangs on the far wall, may be found after entering the room from the left.

Scrapyard Note

Once you’ve climbed the steps inside the garage, you’ll come to an enclosed space with some storage space. To your right, there’s a table with a Scrapyard Note.

Discarded Signage

To return to the scrapyard below, descend the stairwell not far from where you found the Judgement Tarot Card on top of one of the shipping containers. Once you’re down there, you can return to the stairwell on the other side of the cargo container by following the trail through the junkyard. The Harum Scarum Freakshow’s old Discard Signage can be found around halfway through the trail. Signs can be found around a massive red shipping container if you’re looking for landmarks.

Chapter 10 Clue Locations

Chapter 10 Clue Locations - The Quarry

Chalkboard Doodle

Once you’ve passed the portrait, make your way to the first classroom across the hall. The second classroom is the next one to go into. In order to locate the sixteenth Hackett History clue, interact with the chalkboard. If you have already found the Bloodied Collar and have progressed through chapter 9 beyond the point where Chris assaults you, then you will be able to access the second part of this clue.

Inscribed Jewelry

The stairwell outside the classroom specified in the previous clue is where you’ll need to go next. Find the ring by leaning against the sofa. You can get the clue by picking up the ring.

Ticket Stub

If you finished all of the required quicktime events in chapter 5, as described above, the collectible is located directly next to the portrait of the ancestor. You can find it by looking on the ground near the corner of the fence.

Ancestral Portrait

You can interact with a painting in the midst of the fireplace on the first floor of the lodge by heading across the balcony. As a part of Hacket History, this is the nineteenth clue There is still a lot of exploration to be done before you prepare for an attack.

Camp Letter

Once you’ve explored the lodge, Kaitlyn or Dylan should be able to find the Camp Letter clue. Take a left at the top of the first set of stairs, and you’ll be on your way. Find the letter in the middle of the floor surrounded by beds by entering the room next to the small stairway in the open space on the higher floor.

The Quarry Clues separator

Finding all the Clues are necessary for the What’s This?, It’s All Coming Together, and Meddling Kids! trophies. They are not necessary to get the good ending of The Quarry, unlike Evidence, but they can help you connect the dots of the horror behind Hackett’s Quarry.

The Quarry Clues can be interacted with to reveal pieces of information as the story goes. You can go back to the pause menu any time and interact with any Clue that has an exclamation point to reveal new details. This won’t affect the story in any way, but it’s good for those looking more into the lore.

For where to find all the Evidences in the Quarry, read our The Quarry Evidence Locations guide.

That’s all of where to find The Quarry Clues. We hope this guide helped you find all the clues in Hackett’s Quarry. Stay with us because we have more content on The Quarry that you may find interesting.

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