The Witcher 3 Load Time on Xbox Series X is So Fast

A new video has recently been posted on the internet recently showcasing how fast the upcoming next-gen console Xbox Series X loads the popular video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The whole video was recently uploaded by YouTube user rubhen925 on his account and it features the popular game being loaded on the Xbox Series X via Backwards Compatibility. The video is quite long, but it does show the whole steps from loading the game on the home menu to playing the game until he ends it.

What was fascinating was that the loading time of the game that players would have to wait before going through the main game or traversing to another area only took a few seconds. If it were on the original Xbox One or the latest model Xbox One X, it would take a minute or more to load. To make it more awesome, the game was not even optimized for the Xbox Series X yet.

There will be an upgrade for The Witcher 3 to the next-gen versions next year. Anyone who owns the original game can get it for free.

Here’s the video in question: