Top 10 Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Secrets

You’d be surprised that the quiet little town in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is full of secrets that can be hard to find. In Forgotten Valley, there are some neat hidden Easter eggs and features that you could entirely miss if you weren’t looking. You can find these secrets if you know where to look and how to trigger them.

Read on as we show you the top 10 Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life secrets to discover.

Record Hidden in Nature Sprites’ House

The Nature Sprites keep track of the Wonders you’ve found in the game so far. But the neat thing is that you can actually get a Record from one of them by constantly interacting with one of the pots in the Sprites’ House until they become annoyed and give you the Record. You’ll have to spam the interaction button to get it until this secret triggers.

You can use the Record you get and play it via the Record Player in your farmhouse. This will change the background music. It adds some more customization to your farmhouse other than just changing outfits.

Secret Elden Ring Reference

This is a secret you get by fishing, but you’ll constantly have to be really into the mechanic to get it because you’ll need the Blessed Fishing Rod, which is only available in Year Four. In addition, you’ll also need to do a quest for a specific character with a 100% relationship with them. And when you’ve done all that, fish with the Blessed Fishing Rod, and you may get a sword that tells you, “You don’t have the right. O’ you don’t have the right!”

This phrase is a reference to one of the most common player messages left behind in Elden Ring. The sword itself is only decorative and can’t actually be used. It will sit on your shelf after you’ve obtained it as a sign of your fishing prestige.

Free Seed Maker

Free Seed Maker

You can get a free Seed Maker from Daryl instead of paying 30,000G for one. You simply have to raise his friendship level until it’s high enough and then visit his lab after 1PM. You’ll get a cutscene showing how angry he is about his idea being stolen, and then he gives you a Seed Maker for free and will even install it free of charge.

Daryl will be easy to befriend, as he’ll accept most gifts. You can quickly raise his friendship level with food by giving him as many different variants as possible per day.

HM64 and Friends of Mineral Town Reference

If you want some proof that the Harvest Moon, now known as Story of Seasons, games are connected, then you can look up the boxes in Vesta’s shed. You’ll see them labeled as Mineral Town and Flowerbud Villages, which are the central locations for Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon 64.

Secret Cave Behind Nature Sprites’ House

There’s a mysterious cave behind the Sprites’ House that is covered in vines. You’ll even notice that there’s a pathway that leads up to it. It’s where Pui seems to go but you can’t enter it. What lies behind the cave is a mystery, but we definitely want to know.

Sprites May Always Watching

Across Forgotten Valley, you may notice three mushrooms that are red, yellow, and blue in color all stuck together. These may indicate that the Nature Sprites are always watching everyone. There could be as many as 23 of these mushrooms found across the valley. And you’ll spot some of them if you pay close attention.

You Can Save Scum For Cow Calf

You Can Save Scum For Cow Calf

Breeding cows will cost about 50,000G for a Star Cow which is outright expensive and even more so if you get the cow sex and color you don’t want. Instead you can breed a male Star Cow which costs 25,000G with a normal one and their child will be either one. If you’re not above a little save scumming, you can save the game just before the calf is born and try again if you don’t get the cow you want.

We have an animal guide you want to check out if you want to learn more about the different cow breeds. This method may feel a bit like cheating but if you want to save up on cash, it’s a good way to go about it. This also works for chickens if you’re looking for specific genders.

Nature Sprites Will Give You Recipes

It’s easy to forget the Nature Sprites but they do give you important things like recipes to make food. By visiting them every day, you may get a new recipe so don’t forget to go to their house at least once until they tell you they can’t teach you anything any more. From there you just have to raise your Cooking Level until you’re good enough and then come back for more recipes they can give you.

These recipes will be useful if you want to get close to the residents of Forgotten Valley. Food makes for some of the best gifts you can give to get closer. The bachelors and bachelorettes of the game will certainly love certain food recipes you make for them.

Van Can Give You More Money

Van Can Give You More Money

The norm is usually to give Takakura your products so he can sell them for you the next day and you can immediately profit. But you can get more money if you’re willing to wait for Van who comes in by the 3rd and 8th of each month. You can sell him up to 10 items including the ones you’re supposed to give to Takakura.

Here’s where it gets important, instead of accepting Van’s first offer, refuse it. If you’re lucky, he’ll instead give you a much higher offer the second time around.

Give Pui Money

Whenever he’s available, you should give Pui some money. This may not seem like it’ll benefit you in the future but the secret here is that it’s the requirement for the final upgrade of the Sickle tool in Year Four of the game.

You’ll need to have at least given Pui 2000G by the time you’re ready to upgrade your Sickle tool. You can only give him up to 100G per day, so you can’t give him the full 2000G amount when you need to. This is why you should slowly give him some extra money when he’s available as you can only do it once per day.