Top 15 Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods

Learn The Top 15 Hogwarts Legacy Mods for the PC

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Hogwarts Legacy Mods have been appearing recently on social media sites and most of them are ranged from scary to ridiculous. There are a lot of mods that have been posted and personally, I love the crazy ideas that these modders have made, as long as you know how to install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy properly. In this guide, players will know the top 15 mods we found in Hogwarts Legacy, so read on and enjoy.


WeMod - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

The 1st mod that is worth trying out is out this mod system that somehow works similarly to GTA games called WeMod. This mod alters tons of in-game features granting certain players Unlimited Health, One-Hit Kills, Money Multiplier, Spells Instant Countdown, and more. To get this mod, players can download it for the PC on this link.

Arithmancy Number Marking Mod

Arithmancy Number Marking Mod - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

Puzzles will be common in Hogwarts Legacy and players at this point will be aware of the Arthimancy Math Puzzle Doors throughout the campus. Luckily, this new mod will help players as the number assigned to the creatures is already marked on them. This saves them the time for opening the Arthimancy Cipher and attempting to solve the puzzle. To download this mod, get it through this link.

Better Textures Mod

Better Textures Mod - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

The graphics of Hogwarts Legacy are really stunning and there is no harm in making it look more sharper and prestige than ever. This mod will reshade the environment, NPCs, houses, and more of the game and give them a better texture. To get this mod, download this link.

Thomas the Train Broom Mod

Thomas the Train Broom Mod - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

Customizing your own broom is one thing but won’t players want to explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy in style by riding a magical train? This Thomas the Train mod will erase all the bad memories of Choo Choo-Charles and transform the flying broom into it. To get this mod, download it through this link.

Shrek Broom Mod

Shrek Broom Mod  - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

After watching the latest Puss in Boots movie, I made it a point to rewatch all the Shrek movies, and out of nowhere, I saw media posts of Shrek being used in Hogwarts Legacy as a broom. In this mod, similar to Thomas the Train, players can transform the flying broom into it. To get this mod, download it through this link.

Mouse Controls For Broom

Mouse Controls For Broom - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

This mod is something that all PC players should get if they are flying with a broom. The mod allows players to fully control the broom with the mouse (rotate, descend, ascend). Vanilla keys are preserved, they can still use them alongside the mouse if they want to. To get this mod, download it through this link.

Facial Hair Mod

Facial Hair Mod - Mods- Hogwarts Legacy

Technically, Beards are not shown in the character customization part of the game. Luckily, if players want to look more mature and older, this mod can solve all of it. It will replace the Mad Eye Goggles you can find it anywhere in the world while opening chests/and bags just wait till you find one. To get this mod, download it through this link.

Arachnophobia Mode Mod

For players who have fear of spiders, playing Hogwarts Legacy will be quite troublesome for them as they will encounter large spiders as their enemies. Luckily this mod will convert all spiders in the game into simple boxes making easier to fight off. o get this mod, download it through this link.


Ascendio - Mods - Hogwarts LEgacy

Ascendio is a series of Unreal Engine 4.27.2 custom engine parameters that aim to improve the current stuttering and fps drops the game suffers from. It implements some engine tweaks like forcing CPU to GPU communication and sync, forcing frame finalization on stuck, enabling texture streaming and tweaking it to work as optimally as possible, and a few more. To get this mod, download it through this link.

Magic Gun

Magic Gun- Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s bring a few modern weapons to the world of Hogwarts Legacy. This mod replaces your wand with a magical device that is based on an 1800s historical design and bears no resemblance to any real-world counterparts of the modern era. To get this mod, download it through this link.

Anime Vtubers Moving Frames Mod

In the Harry Potter world, there are living portraits that move freely and can interact with various wizards and witches. But would it be fun to interact with your favorite anime waifus. In this new Mod, the living portraits are replaced with popular anime vtubers and players can interact with them. If you want this mod, download it through this link.

Ricardo Milos Portait Mod

Ricardo Milos  Mod - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

Ricardo Milos is a Brazilian adult model known for his erotic dance video. His dance video, often referred to as Danced Like a Butterfly, inspired a series of MAD/animated videos on the Japanese video-hosting site Nico Nico Douga (NND) in mid-to-late 2011. Like the Anime Vtubers Moving Frames Mod, players can watch Ricardo Milos dance live in Hogwarts Legacy. To experience this wacky mod, download it through this link.

Nimbus 2000 Broom Mod

Nimbus 2000 Mod - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

Flying a broom is one thing but having the broom that Harry used first is worth trying out. For those who don’t know, the Nimbus 2000 in which Harry Potter received one from Minerva McGonagall, when he joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team as the new Seeker. If players want to get this mod, download it through this link.

The Elder Wand Mod

Elder Wand Mod - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

The Elder Wand is actually one of the many things that players will discover in one of the quests in Hogwarts Legacy. However, players won’t be able to use it outside the mission quest. But with this mod, any wand that players will use will change into the Elder Wand but do note this is a cosmetic so the stats won’t change. To get this, download the mod through this link.

Peter Potter – The Spider Witch Mod

Peter Potter - The Spider Witch Mod - Mods - Hogwarts Legacy

Since it is 2023, PlayStation 5 will be releasing Spider-man 2 soon, and what better way to promote it as a mod for Hogwarts Legacy? This mod introduces Peter Potter, The Spider-man parody of Hogwarts Legacy. To get this skin, players can download it through this link.

And that’s our top 15 Hogwarts Legacy Mods guide. Hope you guys enjoy this guide and if you do, please check out our other Hogwarts Legacy-related guides.