Trials of Mana Update 1.1.0 To Add New Difficulty Options

In a recent post on social media, game company Square Enix announced the upcoming new update for video game Trials of Mana.

Update 1.1.0 will be added to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC this coming Oct. 14. It will include new difficulty options to choose from, which are the No Future and Very Hard settings. There are also adjustments and bug fixes added.

Here are the full patch notes translated by Siliconera:

  • New difficulty “No Future” added:
    • All enemies, especially bosses, become much tougher. This difficulty is exceptionally difficult to clear.
    • You can only select it in “New Game+” and it starts you back at lv 1.
    • Some abilities cannot be equipped.
    • Items used during combat can be used a max number of three times each.
    • Boss fights will have time limits.
    • Some boss fights may display a shorter attack range from the bosses.
    • You can get high-performance equipment of the same name using the Rainbow Item Seeds.
    • Two chain abilities added:
      • Sacred Sword Guidance: Party members that you’re not controlling will endure a knockout blow and remain with 1 HP.
      • Sacred Sword Guidance II: Recovers the HP of all party members by 100% after battle.
  • Other functions added:
    • New difficulty “Very Hard” added.
    • Class-change scenes and the end credits can now be skipped.
    • You will get to carry over costumes that have been class-changed once with a class reset or in New Game+.
    • You will get the option to go back to lv 1 when selecting New Game+.
    • New Goddess Statues added.
  • Other fixes and adjustments.

Completing the game in No Future difficulty will unlock the cute Rabite Slippers items.

Trials of Mana is now available on PS4, Nintendo switch, and PC via Steam.