Two Point Hospital: Sandbox Mode Coming to Consoles as Free Updates

Two Point Hospital

Game publisher SEGA recently announced that the Sandbox Mode for popular hospital simulator Two Point Hospital is now available on consoles.

The new update is free to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and it will introduce the new Sandbox Mode. Players are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of cash and Kudosh so they can unlock every item in the game, switch the difficulty level to their favorite playstyle, and start building the hospitals they want, wherever they want.

Players can even turn off epidemics if they making gameplay difficulty or moderate the lines of the patients queuing up outside the doctor’s office.

About the game:

In Two Point Hospital, the competition for the top healthcare provider in Two Point County is fierce. To become the best Hospital Administrator, players will have to prove themselves in a diverse assortment of hospital management challenges. Design your hospitals, train and manage staff with their own unique personalities, and research treatments for very unusual illnesses, such as Mock Star, Jest Infection or Cubism.

Source: Press Release

Check out the trailer here:

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