Ubisoft Hostage Hoax Allegedly Done by Rainbow Six Cheater


Remember last year’s Ubisoft hostage situation where it turned out to be a hoax? Apparently, it was the work of a Rainbow Six cheater.

Canadian Newspaper La Presse shared the contents of the court documents stating that the police response cause was a hoax call from someone who claimed there were five people that have taken 40 employees hostage at the building of Ubisoft at that time. He also claimed that they would blow up everything if their demands were not met, which was $2 million ransom.

The hostages were later escorted safely out of the building and no one was harmed. There were no bombs or hostage takers. It was all a hoax. The thing is, the calls did not end there.

Last December, another call was done and this time he claimed that there was a bomb near the daycare facility within Ubisoft Montreal’s offices. In January 2021, he claimed there was a senior employee that was hot in the head following another hostage incident. This time around, the police were more discreet with their investigations and found out it both were all hoaxes again.

The last threatening call was about demanding for Rainbow Six keys and commands needed to ban people. Before that, there was a person who tried to impersonate a Rainbow Six designer and tried to gain access to the corporate account but he failed.

Ubisoft and Service de police de la Ville de Montreal or SPVM believe the one responsible was a Frenchman called Yanni Ouahioune. He is usually called Yannox keyboard and Y4nn0XX. He has been banned 80 times from Rainbow Six. He denied any involvement in the hoax calls.

Ouahioune told La Presse that he did not do it and he just only cheated in games. The only time he called Ubisoft was to insult them for banning him and that was it.

GamesIndustry.biz reported that a representative from SVPVM stated that the police are currently investigating more and trying to find one or more suspects involved.

Sources: La Presse, GamesIndustry.biz via Eurogamer