UNBOXING: Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition

Let's unbox Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition!

Through the tremors we feel a menacing machine is coming, one that will devour every soul in its path, a creature we haven’t faced before. Are we prepared? Or are doomed? A humongous machine makes the forest dance and wave with its heavy stomps; it’s coming, the one they called Tremortusk.

It is a giant mammoth-like machine that can house a small shelter on its back, a memory we remember in the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, the Mûmakils.

The Tremortusk in Horizon: Forbidden West should never be underestimated. Its thick metal armor can withstand anything that we throw at it. It’s tough, it’s big, and it’s deadly. Its trunk, covered with armor, is supported by its tusks plastered with lethal spikes. The Tremortusks aren’t to be messed with in the Forbidden West; even a Thunderjaw is outmatched by such a dreadful machine.

And we’re grateful to have the honor to unbox such a terrifying piece of a machine from a big box we snagged at a local retail store here in the Philippines for only Php. 12,990.00 (that’s about USD 259.8).

What is the Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition?

The Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition houses a uniquely styled Tremortusk, painted by Regalla’s militia to identify them as rebels in the Forbidden West distinctly. What does the package include? Continue reading.

Contents of the Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition

Here’s an overview of what’s inside the Regalla Edition:

  • 2 Art Print Cards
  • 2 Special Outfits (Carja Behemoth Elite and Nora Thunder Elite)
  • 2 Special Weapons (Carja Behemoth Short Bow and Nora Thunder Sling)
  • A Regalla-themed, custom-sculpted Tremortusk and Aloy statue
  • Canvas Map
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Version of The Sunhawk, the first Horizon Zero Dawn graphic novel
  • Download code for the game will be supplied via voucher in the box
  • Exclusive Photo Mode poses and face paints
  • Horizon Forbidden West (Digital) PS4 and PS5 versions
  • Horizon Forbidden West SteelBook Display Case
  • In-game Apex Clawstrider Machine Strike Piece
  • In-game Resources Pack including ammunition, potions, and travel packs
  • Mini Art Book
  • Replica Focus and custom stand
  • Replica Sunwing and Clawstrider Machine Physical Strike Pieces

You get a total of 16 contents, both digital and physical.

A digital code of Horizon: Forbidden West, a steelbook case, I also got a few downloadable contents (DLC) such as 2 special outfits (Carja Behemoth Elite and Nora Thunder Elite) and 2 special weapons (Carja Behemoth Short Bow and Nora Thunder Sling), and exclusive Photo mode poses. Additionally, there’s an in-game Resource Pack and a digital Apex Clawstrider Machine Strike piece.

There are also 2 art print cards, a canvas map, and a mini art book. Plus, the digital soundtrack and a digital copy of the first Horizon: Zero Dawn graphic novel titled “The Sunhawk“.

The package also includes replicas of the Sunwing and Clawstrider Machine Strike pieces. And now I get to own a replica of the Focus that lights up!

But what makes the whole Regalla Edition huge is the Regalla-themed Tremortusk statue.

Internal Packaging

There is always a second box for PlayStation first-party exclusive collector’s editions, most, if not all. This gives that premium feel to them as you don’t get a sturdy second box that houses the actual statue or content. You can see the team’s effort to design such fantastic artwork on those pieces of cardboard.

Immediately after opening the first layer of boxes, the next one has Aloy’s face wrapped around the box and a few of the Clawstriders in the back. I love the art direction of its box’s design, as it makes the entire unboxing experience special.

The Aloy box is sturdy, and the only way to open it is by raising it. You then see the encaged Tremortusk, and right behind it is a deployable background for your photo op needs.

A compartment can be pulled off just below Tremortusk, where you see both the steelbook (inside are the game’s code and DLC) and the mini art book. And just beneath the two are the Sungwing and Clawstrider Machine Strike pieces carved from actual wood, the Focus replica and its wooden stand, the canvas map, and the 2 art print cards.

How big is the Tremortusk statue?

The Tremortusk statue is 14.4″ inches (36.5cm). It includes attachable posable trunks and tusks. While there’s a limit on the articulation of the said parts, it’s still amazing that you can move them and give the Tremortusk a killer pose; you also have a small Aloy statue that you can pair with the Tremortusk if you want to capture memorable moments.

Additionally, you can turn on its LED eye-lights. Similar to how machines react to Aloy in the game, there are three modes: Neutral, the blue colored lights, yellow if it’s alerted, and red for combat.

Comparing the Regalla Edition’s Tremortusk design to the Collector’s Edition variant makes the former one hell of a design. Its tribal paint job gives the Tremortusk a stern look and personality.

The complete Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition.

While there are a few notable ones like Fallout 4’s PipBoy, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s Bionic Arm, The Regalla Edition gives statues a distinct vibe you’ll immediately feel after you’ve unboxed it.

The Regalla Edition fairs of what I indeed call a premium collector’s edition. This is, by far, the best collector’s edition I’ve owned in the last five years. There’s nothing like it.

If you wish to check all Horizon Forbidden West editions, we’ve covered that just for you and a few guides for the game.

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