Unlight goes international: Popular Facebook card battle game gets English version

After making rounds all around the world, being released in Japan, Taiwan, France, Korea, and Thailand and garnering over 2 million players worldwide, the popular card battle game Unlight finally makes it’s way into English seas as the japan-based company Gloczus is proud to announce Unlight’s international entry into Facebook in North America.

What is Unlight you say? Unlight is a gothic-themed turn based card battle game with an RPG twist.

The game’s official story so far goes as following:
“The Saint of Flame” in the Roaring Mountain is seeking a chance to revenge. She organizes an army together of dead warriors. The Saint of Flame is trying to gather dead warriors who lost souls in the underworld. The Saint proceeds with the army to undertake the world she hates.

The story is based on the 18th century European imaginary world with the high technology. The warriors lost souls with the tragic stories. They committed suicide or were assassinated, no matter they were royals, poor or outlaws. Now they are eager to relieve from their death. Will the Saint’s plan go as she thinks…?”

The game's unique combat system will have you at your wits and at the mercy of the RNG.
The game’s unique combat system will have you at your wits and at the mercy of the RNG.

What makes the game stand out is it’s unique combat system. Combat is divided into different phases and players take turns playing appropriate cards for their phases. When actual combat takes place, the game’s luck factor comes into play as damage and defense are decided by dice throws. This literally makes every game a gamble as players take turns dealing the best cards hoping to better their odds against their opponent.

To spice up combat, range also plays an important part in the battle. There are three ranges in the game, short, medium, and long. Different cards are effective in different ranges, and different characters have skills that rely on these ranges. This all adds up to a refreshingly unique card battle experience that’ll have you test your strategic wit as you make the best plays with the cards you’re dealt with while leaving you in anticipation as you are put under the mercy of the dice rolls.

The game's beautiful gothic-style art is prominent in all of it's characters as you collect, unlock, and evolve them throughout the game.
The game’s beautiful gothic-style art is prominent in all of it’s characters as you collect, unlock, and evolve them throughout the game.

Besides the gameplay, Unlight‘s other selling point is it’s stunning art. The game carries a distinct gothic anime aesthetic to it which is made apparent in it’s rather diverse, well designed cast. The game boasts a plethora of characters for the player to discover throughout the game, and as you level these characters up, more and more of their personal backstory is revealed. Accompanying the game’s distinct gothic look is an equally gothic soundtrack which really completes the game’s desired atmosphere.

To sum it all up, Unlight is a unique gaming experience, whether it be the dice ruled card-based combat or the game’s beautiful gothic aesthetics, one would be hard pressed to find a game just like it.




You can go ahead and play the game here on Facebook.
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