V Rising Early Access Launch Sales Reaches Big Milestone

The studio is now prepping for new content and more.

v rising

Stunlock Studios has recently announced the V Rising Early Access launch sales which has reached a big milestone.

V Rising Early Access Launch was a Super Success

The studio has recently announced that the successful Early Access launch has now sold over 1 million copies. The game also has 150,000 concurrent users in its first weekend. Just like any other Early Access games, V Rising still has a lot of work to do according to Stunlock Studios but they are now getting fully prepared for the journey ahead.

“The release of V Rising has been met with overwhelming support, and we really can’t thank you all enough for joining us on this journey… and it will be a journey,” says the studio. “Opening into Early Access is the first step we’re taking on the misty road to the game’s full release.”

Primary Focus for Stunlock Studios

The primary focus right now, according to the studio, is to fix bugs, make balance changes, optimize servers, and make quality of life improvements. The next step will be to analyze all the date and feedback from the first weeks of Early Access to make sure that their master plan will move forward afterwards.

The studio even revealed that they are now working on a new material to the game, and they want to improve the development to make the game reach its full potential. Here is a statement from Marketing Director Johan Ilves:

Our mission will be to find out what is most important to our players and how to take V Rising to the next level. We currently plan to work on more extensive updates rather than run for frequent smaller patches and minor changes. It’s too early to tell when the first bigger V Rising content patch will arrive, as we will give it the time to make sure it brings something new to the experience. This will require more patience from you as a fan!

Meanwhile, we will do our best to make sure the first content update will be worth waiting for.

V Rising is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access.

Source: Press Release