Valheim Yagluth Weakness: Boss Fight and Strategy Guide

How to defeat Yagluth in Valheim

Valheim Yagluth Weakness cover

Yagluth is the fifth boss that players can face in Valheim. It is half of a giant skeleton that is reanimated by the spirit of an ancient fuling. Despite only having only possessing the upper half of its body, Yagluth can still move around using its arms. It is assumed that Yagluth was once a king of the fuling race.

Read ahead as we share some tips and tricks on how to easily defeat Yagluth in Valheim.

How to find and summon Yagluth

To find Yagluth, you will need to find its Vegvisir in the Plains biome. It can get tricky to find, not to mention that the places where it can be found is usually teeming with Deathsquitos and Fulings. Once you do find one, it will reveal Yagluth’s summoning altar.

You will need 5 Fuling totems which can be found in Fuling villages. Placing these totems on the altar will start the boss fight.

How to prepare for the Yagluth boss fight

To prepare for Yagluth, it’s recommended to have the full Padded armor set to mitigate damage as much as possible. Bring blackmetal weapons into the fight, as well as a shield to deal significant damage in a reasonable amount of time while staying protected. Make sure that you have enough healing items to survive the fight.

If you have found the summoning spot for Yagluth, you can take the time to prepare the land around it by digging out trenches around the area. This is so that you can have spots to hide from Yagluth’s Fire Breath attack.

Valheim Yagluth Weakness

Yagluth has no known weaknesses to any of the damage type, but is resistant against fire and pierce damage, and it is immune to poison and stagger. This means that you can take advantage of frost weapons like the Frostner, Mistwalker, or Staff of frost, or to deal significant damage despite not having elemental advantage over the boss. Frost arrows may also work and is a safer way to engage with the boss, but its damage is cut since it deals piercing damage and it will make the fight a bit longer.

Yagluth Attacks

Here are Yagluth’s attacks to look out for:

  • Ground Smash – Yagluth raises its arm and pounds it on the ground, causing an AoE explosion and leaving the nearby land scorching for a few seconds. Dodge away as soon as you see its hand rise and don’t stay in the place of impact to avoid the burning damage.
  • Meteor – The boss raises its arm and keeps it there while summoning meteors to fall from the sky. Keep moving around to avoid getting hit by the meteors.
  • Fire Breath – The boss can unleash a stream of deadly breath as it turns its head to chase you with it. You can just barely outrun the breath, but getting hit with it can deal devastating damage. Hiding under a ditch is a more effective way to avoid getting hit than hiding behind structures as they can easily break down from the attack.

Yagluth Rewards

Defeating Yagluth rewards you with the following:

  • x1 Yagluth Trophy
  • x3 Torn Spirit

Check out this video by GlensGames showing how to defeat Yagluth in Valheim:

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