Valorant Episode 3, Act I Ruination Announced with Details from Devs

Bundles, new skins, and more details here.

Game company Riot Games has released more details about Episode 3, Act I Ruination.

Episode 3, Act I Ruination is a dark, edgy, and corrupted event and offered new content for fans of the game. It offers weapons for melee, phantom, spectre, ghost, and guardian. The price tier is XE and the bundle price is 8,700 VP. The bundle includes:

  • Ruination Phantom
  • Blade of the Ruined King (two-handed melee)
  • Ruination Ghost
  • Ruination Spectre
  • Ruination Guardian
  • Ruination Card
  • Ruination Gun Buddy
  • Ruintion Spray           


  • Level 1 – Custom Model and ADS reticle
  • Level 2 – Custom firing visual effects and audio
  • Level 3 – Custom equip and reload visual effects and audio
  • Level 4 – Finisher and Kill Banner
  • Level 5 – Orange Variant with orange VFX
  • Level 6 – Light Green Variant with light green VFX
  • Level 7 – Purple Variant with purple VFX

Senior Producer Preeti Khanolkar shared the team’s goals for designing Ruination. One of their goals was to create skins that felt authentic to League of Legends but also cool to Valorant players who were not familiar with League at all. Aside from its dark, edgy, and corrupted theme, it also borrowed elements from League of Legends.

Art Lead Sean Marino shared their inspiration for developing Ruination. He revealed that he joined meetings with the League of Legends team in making the Rise of the Sentinels content. What that resulted was the Blade of the Ruined King, which had a new and unique design.

Valorant Episode 3, Act I Ruination is now available.

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