Valorant Reveals Official Launch and Gameplay Trailers

Valorant Jett

Game studio Riot Games just released the official launch and gameplay trailers of video game Valorant.

The launch trailer features two characters of the game, two duelists. These are Phoenix and Jett. The latter represents South Korea and is very much agile character to play with. The prior character comes from the UK and uses flames as his main weapon. He can also use firearms when needed.

The trailer showcases the two characters fighting each other and trying to get a certain package. It ends with a big chunk of the town floating in the sky with Phoenix baffled of what just happened.

The second trailer features a lot of gameplay from in-game with most of the characters in play. They reveal some of their powers and the weapons they bring into the fight.

Valorant is now available on PC and can be downloaded with its own client.

Check out the official trailers here:

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