New Valorant Patch 2.04 To Finally Fix Issue with AFK and Chat Offensive Players


A new patch has been announced for popular online multiplayer video game Valorant that will fix some issues.

The new patch will finally boot AFK players by improving its detection. The patch will also make chat offensive players get penalties.

The penalties for AFK players will include the following via official website:

  • Warnings
  • XP denial for the games in which you were AFK’d (see ya later, AFK farmers!)
  • Small deductions from your ranked rating for pre-game dodges
  • Deductions from your ranked rating for in-game AFKing (Patch 2.03)
  • Increased queue restrictions
  • Barred entry from ranked games
  • VALORANT game bans (but only if you’re really, really persistent)

The penalties for chat-based offenses:

  • Warnings
  • Comms bans
  • Extended comms bans
  • Ranked queue bans
  • Game bans
  • Extended game bans

Riot Games wanted to make it clear that whoever started throwing out chat offensive banter, players will get flagged. They ask others who get harassed not to reply back with their own awful words. They ask them to report those players instead.

Valorant is now available on PC.

Source: Official Website